Do Girls Actually Want A Good Guy To Date And Share Their Lives With?

Do Girls Actually Want A Good Guy To Date And Share Their Lives With?It has been a hard road for you in the dating scene.

You have been good to girls you have dated in the past.

The closest thing to the perfect boyfriend.

Yet, you keep getting mistreated in these relationships.

It has gotten so bad that you are questioning whether girls actually want a good guy to date and share their lives with, and you are dejected that you have arrived at this question.

Although this goes against everything you are feeling at the moment, the truth is, most girls actually want a good guy to date and share their lives with.

The problem isn’t girls in general.

The problem is the type of girl that you are attracted to.

Look back on the girls that you have dated in the past.

As human beings, we are creatures of habit.

We have a tendency to date the same type of person in looks and personality.

Have you been dating girls with similar looks and personality types?

Similar women have similar issues.

You are attracted to women who struggle with dating good men.

These are women who have gone through trauma in their lives, whether it be in their childhoods or as adults.

You have never acknowledged this, but you are drawn to these women.

It’s not that you consciously go out there to find women who have past trauma.

Nevertheless, you are adept at doing it.

It’s the good guy side of you.

You want to show a woman like this that there is someone who values and cherishes her for who she is.

You want to be the one that pulls her out of the negative hold that her past trauma has effected on her.

And in the early stages of dating her, it looks promising.

She is receptive to your kindness and shows deep appreciation for how good you treat her.

She keeps telling you about how she has never met someone like you, and how grateful she is to have you in her life.

She is wonderful to your friends and family as you introduce her to them over time.

They love her and tell you that you are so lucky to have her in your life.

All of this leads to you believing that you have finally found the right one for you, and that you have succeeded in making her realize that she is special and worthy of being loved.

Unfortunately, this euphoria doesn’t last long.

She begins to snap at you.

She insults you, doesn’t listen to you, and is inconsiderate of you.

Sometimes, she even gets physically abusive.

At first, you don’t want to believe it.

You make excuses for her behavior, chocking it up to her having a bad day.

But the verbal and physical abuse keeps happening.

Finally, you realize that, yet again, you have been dating a girl who purportedly wanted a good guy to date, but in the end, was incapable of receiving his goodness over a sustained period of time.

It’s sad that you have put yourself through this ordeal multiple times with multiple women.

In the end, the buck stops with you.

As long as you are drawn to women with unresolved trauma, you are bound to keep getting mistreated by them after the honeymoon phase of the relationship is over.