Dating A Single Dad When You Have No Children Of Your Own

Dating A Single Dad When You Have No Children Of Your OwnThere is so much that you like about this single dad.

He is attentive towards you.

Treats you with kindness.

Loves everything you say, even when you say something ridiculous.

Respects your opinions, irrespective of whether he disagrees with them.

All of this being said, you struggle with the reality that he is a single dad.

His child obviously takes precedence over everything.

There have been several moments where he had to cancel a date on account of his child.

You play it off as though it’s alright and you understand.

Nonetheless, deep within, you are seething.

You feel as though you aren’t important to him.

Having no children of your own, you have no idea what life with a child is like.

You know that it comes with more responsibilities.

But, it’s something you can’t relate to.

At first, you thought it wasn’t too much of an obstacle.

He told you that he shares custody of the child with his ex and that he would have free time on a regular basis.

That was how it was for a short while, but of late, he has struggled to make the time to see you or take you out on a date.

Now you are second-guessing your choice to date a single dad.

Unfortunately, the thought of leaving him isn’t that palatable, given that you have developed feelings for him.

I have no doubt that this is a tough situation for you to be in.

He is at the next stage of his life in having a child.

As such, he is no longer living for himself.

He is living for his child.

You, on the other hand, have no children of your own.

You have the freedom to do as you please without having to worry about the well-being of a child.

This is such a disparate position from where he is.

Being that all you have to worry about is yourself, you want attention.

This is attention that he has struggled to give you of late.

As a single person, there are lots of moments where you are alone at home.

This creates loneliness, which causes you to think about him all the more.

It’s best not to have too many of these moments where you are alone and stuck with your thoughts.

Indulge in new hobbies so that you preoccupy your time.

This keeps you from being consumed with thoughts about how lonely you are in these private moments.

If he does want to make you a part of his life, he is going to figure out how to give you more of his time.

This is especially true if he was good about giving you more of his time until recently.

His unavailability at this time is a probable hiccup.

An unusual occurrence that has forced him to attend to his child more frequently than he normally does.

To this end, be patient with him.

While he works through this period, keep yourself busy with your new hobbies, so that you don’t have too much time alone where you are left with your thoughts.

In a few weeks, reassess whether he has returned to giving you a fair amount of attention again.

If he hasn’t, consider the likelihood that you aren’t capable of dating a single dad.