Can True Love Exist Without Physical Attraction For The Person Of Interest?

Can True Love Exist Without Physical Attraction For The Person Of Interest?Physical attraction is a major component of relationships.

It’s rare that there is a complete absence of physical attraction in a relationship that has true love.

True love encompasses a wide berth of emotions.

It is a full acceptance of the person you are with.

A comprehension that this is a person that has won your heart, of whom you want to spend the rest of your life with.

There are a rare few of people who are drawn to a person’s personality without any physical attraction whatsoever.

Or so they think.

The truth is, even those who claim to be solely attracted to the person’s personality and cares less for their physicality, aren’t being entirely honest.

Whether it be conscious or not, there is a measure of physicality that they won’t breach.

For example, someone who claims that they only care about personality and not physicality will draw the line at dating someone who is morbidly obese and significantly physically disabled.

This means that no matter what they say, physical attraction is a component.

It’s just that it isn’t as high as the component that attracts them the most, the person’s personality.

Think back on your life.

How many times have you been interested in someone who went below this measure.

Be candid with yourself.

It has never happened.

Irrespective of whether you consider yourself as someone who is attracted to a person’s personality over their physical appearance, you too have a physical threshold you won’t cross.

The truth is, everyone does for the most part.

For true love to have a chance at existing, there has to be a bare minimum of physical attraction in a person of interest for it to take root.

Without this bare minimum, true love won’t have fertile ground to develop and spring from.

Never lose track of this.

If you do, you end up causing an unnecessary calamity.

This is where you have told yourself that you care less for physical attraction, and would rather date and fall in love with someone based on their personality.

With this mindset, you venture into dating someone that you have no physical attraction for.

Someone who doesn’t meet a bare minimum.

You are a rebel after all, and intend to break the mold.

What you will soon realize is that you are struggling to be physically intimate with this person.

Physical intimacy for the lion’s share of relationships is a relevant factor.

Without physical attraction, you are wholly relying on true love as a catalyst for lovemaking.

Yet, true love has been hampered because of how much you struggle to be physically intimate with this person.

No matter how much you force yourself to be physically intimate, and be into it, it isn’t working.

With the absence of lovemaking, which is a major component of relationships, it’s difficult for either partner to fully bond with each other.

True love has a more realistic shot at developing when either party is asexual.

In which case, physical intimacy through sex is undesired.

Are you asexual?

If you aren’t, a relationship where you struggle to be physically intimate with your partner makes said partner more of a best friend who rooms with you.

In this context, true love won’t flourish.