Can A Woman Actually Be Interested In Another Man While Still Talking About Her Ex?

Can A Woman Actually Be Interested In Another Man While Still Talking About Her Ex?Sadly, this is a woman that remains emotionally attached to her ex.

She is still talking about him for this reason.

Although it feels as though she is interested in you, given how kind she is to you, she isn’t emotionally available.

Even when there are moments where she seems to be flirting with you, don’t take these moments too seriously.

In these moments she is using you as a temporary replacement for her ex.

Given that her ex isn’t available to her in that moment, she flirts with you instead.

With her ex no longer present in her life, she has to go somewhere to get her emotional needs met.

You are that person.

Time and time again, you have been reliable and available to her.

You listen to her without judgment, giving her a shoulder to cry on.

The attention that she gets from you is like oxygen.

She is desperate for it.

When she flirts with you, or gives you compliments, she wants to reward you for being such a loyal friend to her.

In tandem, she wants you to compliment her back.

She wants to hear that she is beautiful.

She wants that validation, given that her ex is no longer present in her life to give it to her.

Don’t get lost in what she is doing.

Being that you like her and enjoy the attention you are getting from her at this time, it’s tempting to surmise she has romantic feelings for you.

Unfortunately, she is merely using you to get her emotional needs met.

As long as she is still talking about her ex, she is completely emotionally hooked on him, praying for the day that he comes back.

Yes, she is aspiring for him to come back into her life.

She has been continuously visiting his social media pages to see what he is doing.

She watches his every move on there, scouring his photos and comments for the presence of a new girl in his life or a sign that he misses her.

She is talking to mutual friends about him, asking them whether he is seeing anyone new or whether he is asking about her.

This is what she is doing when she isn’t talking to you.

Her life is preoccupied with keeping an eye on what he is doing in his life.

This all sounds depressing.

At the end of the day, you care about this woman.

You have cared about her for a while, even before her ex showed up in her life.

There has been a buildup of emotions, as you have waited in the wings, wondering whether you would ever have a shot at romance with her.

Now that she is broken up with her ex, you see an opening.

Every time she talks to you, you are wondering whether this will be the moment that she proclaims her romantic feelings for you.

Unfortunately, this isn’t going to happen.

There is a reason why she put you in the friend zone.

She doesn’t see you as a romantic prospect.

If she did, she would have given you a slew of signs that she saw you as such.

She never has.

Meaning, she strictly sees you as platonic friend.

It would be wise for you to not make your time so available to her.

This keeps you from further misconstruing the attention she is giving you as a sign of romantic interest.

Additionally, you get to focus your mental energy on better things, such as putting yourself out into the world and finding a girlfriend of your own.