At What Age Do Men No Longer See Women As Marriageable?

At What Age Do Men No Longer See Women As Marriageable?A man that is looking to have children, and has dating options, has a preference.

He wants to marry a woman who is at a good age to bear several children without complications.

He deems a woman marriageable based on this primary biological desire.

A woman’s peak reproductive years are from her late teens to her late-20s, with the optimal years being in her early to mid-20s.

Once she reaches the age of 30, her fertility starts to decline.

The hundreds of thousands of eggs she once possessed in her 20s diminishes to tens of thousands by the time she is in her mid to late-30s.

At 45, her ability to be impregnated and carry a child to term is significantly impeded, and the risk of miscarriages greatly pronounced.

This is reality.

This is biology.

A man that is looking to settle down and get married with an intent to have multiple children is primarily concerned with marrying a fertile woman.

A fertile woman that has several fruitful years of childbearing ahead of her.

You are no longer seen as marriageable by men with this intent, who have dating options, once you enter your mid to late-30s.

This isn’t personal and isn’t a slight on your looks.

Even if you look amazing at your age, and you are physically fit, your fertility is a considerable factor.

Your fertility is of great concern to him.

He wants to settle down, get married and have children.

As a man who has multiple dating options, he is biologically programmed to choose the woman who is the most fertile and can give him several children without complications.

A man who has already had children and doesn’t want anymore, is much more open to marrying a woman without basing his choice on her fertility.

There are women of all ages getting married each and every day.

Regardless of your age, as long as you are of legal age, there are many men out there who would marry you.

The question is whether you have a specific type of man that you are looking to get married to and how available these men are to you.

If you want to get married to a high value man, you make this more challenging.

Women are attracted to highly successful men who have social status and money.

Women of all ages are attracted to these men, not only you.

If you are not in your 20s but want to attract and marry a man who is deemed of high value in society, you have to compete with women in their 20s.

These are women who are in the optimal years of fertility.

Even if you are as beautiful as these women, they have an edge over you on account of their fertility.

Are you ready to compete with these women for these high value men?

Obviously, the average man is much easier to attract and marry.

Nevertheless, if you want a high value man, it is less challenging to attract one when he isn’t looking to have children.

If you want to have children and want to get married to a high value man who wants children, it becomes more challenging.

Your best bet is to look for high value men who are humble, somewhat shy, and without a reputation as a player.

Being fairly socially awkward, these men don’t have a history of attracting women to them.

This dramatically reduces competition from women in their 20s.

There are a number of career fields where men with these personality traits abound, such as those in the tech, accounting, engineering, science, video gaming, animating, graphic designing, and teaching fields.

Seek these men out and find a high value man that you don’t have to compete with a legion of women in their 20s to get.