As A Single Person, I Feel As Though There’s No Love Coming My Way

As A Single Person, I Feel As Though There's No Love Coming My WayThis is typical of a single person.

Especially when you see so many couples around you.

Your friends have partners.

So do your family members and strangers you see out in public.

It’s no wonder that you feel as though there’s no love coming your way, as you live each and every day with an absence of companionship.

It doesn’t take long for you to think that the problem must be you, or that you are cursed.

With so many people getting into relationships with ease, there must be something wrong with you for it to be this impossible.

The good news is that there is love coming your way.

With a caveat.

You must raise yourself to the level that invites that love into your life.

As a single person, you aren’t irrelevant.

If your entire sense of worth comes from whether you are in a relationship or not, it’s no wonder you are single.

Women don’t like guys who don’t value themselves.

When you are of the belief that you have no value unless you are in a relationship, your body language reflects that.

You look unhappy wherever you go.

This is a downer.

Women that see this body language instantly conclude that you either have personal issues or hate yourself.

Before anyone can love you, you have to learn to love yourself.

When you love yourself, you exude an energy that makes you significantly attractive to the opposite sex.

You must live your life to the fullest to attain this energy.

Stop waiting around for some girl to come into your life to “complete” you.

You are already complete.

This has to be your mindset.

Think about all the things that you want to do in your life or have been longing to do.

Stop waiting around for a girlfriend to do it with, do it now.

If you have been wanting to travel, but have been fearful about traveling without a girlfriend, put an end to that mindset right now.

Book a flight to wherever it is that you have been longing to go and go there.

Have an adventure.

On your travels, enjoy everything there is to enjoy.

Take photos of the gorgeous landscapes and post them to your social media account.

Make new friends and post photos of you and them having fun together.

Learn some of the language of the country and venture out to the local spots that aren’t as touristy.

This is how you cultivate an adventurous side to you.

This adventurous side is going to permeate into your personality.

This is why when you return home, you are going to do activities that you have been holding yourself back from doing for years.

You are taking that boxing class that you have been curious about for years.

You are buying that second-hand antique vehicle and taking time out of your week to replenish it.

You are joining that salsa class and finally learning how to dance.

Without a care for whether you have a girlfriend or not, you are indulging in all of the activities that you have been procrastinating on doing for all these years.

With this attitude and lifestyle, you learn to value yourself.

In valuing yourself, you learn to love yourself.

Once you love yourself, you become irresistible, and it is only a matter of time before the love of a girl comes your way.