Are You More Of A Giver Or A Taker When Dating?

Are You More Of A Giver Or A Taker When Dating?There are those who take great pleasure in being a giver.

This is what speaks to their love language.

Seeing their partner happy when they give, makes them happy as a result.

Although this sounds good on the outset, it has the potential to become a problem as a relationship progresses.

When you are the one giving all the time, a partner can become complacent.

This means that he is going to become unappreciative of what you do for him.

A lack of appreciation robs you of the reward you desire whenever you give.

That of gratitude.

This wasn’t how he was in the early stages of the relationship.

He showed gratitude whenever you were giving.

As time has elapsed, that behavior has changed.

He doesn’t thank you like he once did when you give.

He doesn’t hug you close with appreciation nor call you sweet pet names.

Rather, he accepts the giving and ignores rewarding you with gratitude.

Meanwhile, he remains fixated on scrolling through his smartphone or playing a video game.

You see, when you are a giver who gets your emotional needs met when a partner shows gratitude, you will be emotionally starved when this gratitude stops.

By now, he has become the worst version of a taker.

A taker who doesn’t show gratitude.

Without gratitude, you are stifled, lacking the specific energy that feeds your love language.

This means that in time, you aren’t going to be as giving as you once were.

After all, you are putting forth all this work to give, and you aren’t getting what makes you happy in return.

His gratitude.

Once this happens, the relationship is headed for a cliff.

Either partner is being robbed of what they love.

The taker is robbed of the sense of being special that is triggered when he is receiving from his partner.

And the giver is robbed of the sense of gratitude that is triggered when she is giving to her partner.

Never let it get this far.

A relationship where there is a giver and a taker has potential for success, but either party must get their love languages fed for this to happen.

As a giver, you require gratitude from a partner for you to be emotionally stimulated.

This means that the moment that you realize that your partner didn’t show gratitude for something you gave, you must address it.

It’s human nature to become complacent in a relationship.

A partner that takes isn’t aware that he isn’t showing gratitude at first.

This is why you must put the onus on yourself to quickly correct that ungrateful behavior when it occurs.

The moment he doesn’t show gratitude, politely draw attention to it.

Politely remind him that he didn’t say thank you when you handed him a plate of food that you just cooked for him.

Kindly tell him that he didn’t give you a hug after you gave him a foot massage.

Warmly inform him that he didn’t call you a sweet pet name after you did his laundry.

Draw attention to moments of ingratitude the moment they occur.

This is how you get him to correct his behavior so that he doesn’t develop a habit of not showing gratitude.