Are Most People That Work Out In Public Gyms Single And Available For Dating?

Are Most People That Work Out In Public Gyms Single And Available For Dating?Although you have been getting a vibe that people you see at the gym are single, most aren’t.

The gym is a place where people come to work out, but there are ulterior motives as well.

These are ulterior motives that aren’t plainly stated and are subconscious in nature.

That of visual stimulation and internal validation.

Undoubtedly, you have had several moments where you have caught someone staring at you as you were pumping iron, looking amazingly good in the moment.

Your muscles were bulging, your face was strained, and your attention was poised.

All of this is attractive to someone who is across the floor from you working on their own exercise regiment.

You caught her eye when she was taking a break from her workout to look around.

This happens all the time in public gyms.

People take momentary breaks from their workouts, and when they do, they use that opportunity to look around.

A fit human body is attractive, to either gender.

Fit people at the gym are the closest thing to perfection in terms of how aesthetically pleasing their fit bodies are.

A public gym is like a meat market.

It’s almost impossible for anyone who frequents the gym on a regular basis to avoid ogling at someone else who is doing their workout.

Regardless of gender, no one is immune to this.

After all, as human beings we are attracted to what is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Knowing this, you mustn’t get carried away when you catch someone of the opposite gender staring at you while you are in the middle of doing your workout.

It doesn’t mean that she is single and available for dating.

In fact, there are greater odds that she isn’t.

You caught her while she was taking a moment of respite from her workout and was looking about the room.

Yes, she loved how you looked as you were working out.

She probably stared at you for a bit too long as your biceps bulged every time you lifted a dumbbell in the midst of your workout.

We can take it as far as saying that she was a little lost in that moment.

A combination of your bulging biceps and motion had her dazed.

All of this being said, she has a boyfriend.

Yes, the majority of people in public gyms are already in relationships and aren’t available to date.

Think about it.

Fit people at a public gym are in the minority.

Most adults are overweight and do not work out.

Many buy a gym membership at the beginning of the year to honor a new year’s resolution to get in shape.

They don’t last beyond a month or two.

This makes a fit person who works out at the gym all that much more rare and desirable.

Meaning, they are less likely to be single.

All isn’t lost though.

There is a small percentage of people at a public gym that are single and available for dating.

These are the ones who show up at the gym but aren’t all that intent on working out.

Whenever you see them, they are halfheartedly doing a work out.

It doesn’t look like they are all that into it.

They seem to be constantly asking people for their guidance in how to use an exercise machine.

They take long breaks between workouts.

You often see them moving from one machine to the other having barely done much at the last machine they were at.

These are the ones that are single.

They don’t care much for the gym or working out.

They are primarily at the gym to meet single people.