A Guy Was Super Into Me, But Now, He’s Pulling Away From Me

A Guy Was Super Into Me, But Now, He's Pulling Away From MeHe was intrigued by you, and this stirred an excitement within him that was deeply intoxicating.

You were like a book that he was reading, turning each page with curiosity.

This was enthralling, keeping him on the edge of his seat.

That being said, he reached a page that gave him pause, making him uncomfortable.

Once this occurred, it was harder for him to keep turning the pages.

This became much slower and with much greater effort.

That is what has taken him from being super into you, to pulling away from you.

Think back to a conversation you had with him or an incident that led to a change in his behavior.

All of a sudden, he wasn’t calling or texting you as much from that moment forward.

If you recall when this occurred, you now know what caused him to pull away.

Guys aren’t all that good at expressing their feelings.

They aren’t raised from childhood to be adept at expressing their feelings.

Upon hearing words or encountering an incident that made him uncomfortable, he wasn’t equipped to express himself in the moment.

Once this moment occurred, he was stumped by it, but was incapable and reluctant to express his thoughts about it.

The thing is, it’s possible that this moment was a misunderstanding.

All that is required is an explanation or clearing up of what it was that caused him to be discomforted.

Unfortunately, he won’t bring this issue or misunderstanding up to you.

It’s much easier for him to pull back and pull away.

This early into courtship, there isn’t that much emotional investment, making it easier to pull away.

If you believe that you have a special connection with him, there is good reason to endeavor to salvage this courtship.

Should you believe you know why he pulled away from you, and think it a misunderstanding, bring that up in the next conversation you have with him.

This doesn’t mean that you grovel and plead.

All you have to do is explain what you meant in what you said, or clarify why you acted how you did.

Should he tell you that he doesn’t have an issue with what you suspect has led to him pulling away, ask him about what it is that is specifically bothering him.

Communication is absolutely key in any courtship.

There has to be an openness to how you communicate with each other.

Without this, the courtship is a failure, and even if a relationship results from it, it doesn’t last, as it is built on a rocky foundation.

Communicate with each other correctly.

Clear the air with him.

By opening the door to him in asking about what is specifically bothering him, you give him permission to express his thoughts.

Once he informs you about it, do not plead and grovel.

Pleading and groveling makes you come off as far too desperate to get him to be reinvigorated by you again.

Instead, listen to what he has to say and address his concerns with candor and clarity.

No mincing of words.

Be succinct and unambiguous.

A guy appreciates a candid woman who doesn’t grovel.

Once you have this candid conversation with him, it is up to him to choose to re-up his energy and start courting you with gusto once again.

Take a step back and see what he does.

Should he re-up, the courtship process resumes.

Should he continue to pull away, kindly message him thanking him for the time you got to share with him, and wish him all the best.

This keeps you from enabling a lackadaisical courtship to drag on for too long, which wouldn’t be beneficial to your mental health.