A Guy I Like Is Mad At Me And Doesn’t Even Say Hi. Should I Just Let It Go?

A Guy I Like Is Mad At Me And Doesn't Even Say Hi. Should I Just Let It Go?Since you like this guy, consider not being too quick to let him go.

Obviously, you were getting along with each other before he got mad at you.

There is a reason why he isn’t even saying hi to you anymore.

His feelings were hurt.

Think back to your last interaction with him.

Do you remember saying or doing something that made him visibly unhappy?

If you do, this is why he is mad.

The good news about guys is that they don’t stay mad for long.

Even though it seems as though he hates you right now, he doesn’t.

Guys don’t like to dwell on negative emotion.

This is why they aren’t prone to staying mad at someone else for long.

As long as the person isn’t constantly hounding the guy, his anger dissipates within 24 to 48 hours.

How long has he been mad at you so far?

If it is still within the 24 to 48 hour window, you don’t have to panic too much about this.

As long as you aren’t continuously antagonizing him, but leaving him be for now, he is sure to calm down within 24 – 48 hours.

Once that time has elapsed, it’s okay to say hi to him.

But don’t stand around waiting for him to open up a conversation with you.

Say hi with a smile and keep moving.

Even if he doesn’t say hi back, don’t panic.

He is gauging what he should do at this point.

He is wondering whether he has gotten over being mad at you and should say hi back, or whether he should keep ignoring you.

The next time you see him, say hi again with a smile but keep moving.

Do not slow down to talk to him.

Say hi with a smile as you are walking past him and keep moving.

Even if he doesn’t say hi back this second time around, don’t fret.

He continues to gauge how he feels within and whether he should say hi back to you.

The third time you come across him, hold off on saying hi to him.

Just keep moving as though you didn’t see him.

This is going to get him thinking about why you didn’t say hi the third time around.

It forces him to come to terms with how he feels about you and whether you are someone worth continuing to befriend.

Being that he has since cooled off from being mad at you, he will struggle to keep holding a grudge against you.

This means that the next time he sees you, he is going to feel a greater desire to say hi to you.

Remember, you were getting along with each other before he got mad at you.

This means that there are facets to your personality that he likes.

None of that has gone away on account of him getting mad at you.

Now that he has calmed down, he is no longer emotionally compromised.

This opens him up to remembering the positive attributes that you possess, many of which made him like you in the first place.

As he contemplates all of this, he can’t help but say hi to you the next time he sees you.

From here, you get to resume building a rapport with each other, which opens the door to a potential future with romance as a factor.