How To Date Someone Who’s Mourning Their Ex?

How To Date Someone Who's Mourning Their Ex?

There have been several dates with her so far that have gone really well.

With each date and conversation you have with her, there is a stronger perception of a connection.

Almost everything so far has been amazing, save one.

She is mourning her ex who died under a year ago.

Fortunately, she has been candid with you about this, as she continues to grapple with his death.

Upon learning about this, you let her know that you had no problem with being patient with her as she mourns her ex.

Given how much you like her, taking this risk on her seems justifiable.

However, you are fearful that she won’t ever get over her ex’s death.

Her voice breaks every now and then whenever she talks about his death.

There is no doubt that she loved him a lot.

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They were together for years and by the time he died, the two were talking about marriage.

Amid this fear, there is another.

The fear that she is going to compare you to him.

Although you have been out with her on a good number of dates, it hasn’t been that long.

She was with her ex for years.

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All those experiences together over several years.

How could you match up to that?

Between the uncertainty about how long it is going to take her to get over mourning her ex, and fearing that you won’t ever match up to him, you have your hands full.

Undoubtedly, dating someone who is mourning their ex isn’t easy.

Being that it has been under a year since he died, his death is fairly fresh to her.

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On top of this, she is constantly being reminded of him whenever she encounters something they shared.

The places they went on dates to.

The movies they watched, and the music they listened to.

The gifts he gave her.

There are so many ways for her to be constantly reminded about him.

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This alone can make it feel like you are competing with his ghost to win her over.

These are factors that you must consider as you go on dates with her.

She is clearly not over her ex’s death and there are no guarantees that she ever will be.

Some people never get over the death of an ex.

Determining whether it is worth your while to keep dating her comes down to what she has been doing to help her get over her ex’s death.

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Where there has been little effort put forth in this department, it isn’t worth it to keep dating her.

When you visit her social media and observe that she keeps making posts that reference him, whether directly or indirectly, she isn’t letting him go.

When she keeps bringing him up in conversations, she isn’t letting him go.

Whenever she compares you to him, even when it is to give you a compliment, she isn’t letting him go.

These are signs that you shouldn’t keep dating her, as sad as that sounds.

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A woman who isn’t fully emotionally available to you is a waste of your time and effort.

On the flip side, when you see that she is doing everything in her power to keep him out of her mind by not talking about him, posting about him on social media, or keeping items he left behind close to her, there is hope that she will get over mourning him in the foreseeable future.

In this case, it is wise to keep dating her for a few more months to see whether she overcomes her grief.

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