If A Crush Lasts More Than A Year, Is It Something More?

If A Crush Lasts More Than A Year, Is It Something More?


It remains a crush.

A person you don’t know well or at all.

The crush has lasted more than a year due to how you have built this person up in your mind.

You have perfected him.

In this time, you created a personality for him, and a life shared.

It looks amazing in your head, making you feel good to think of him as whoever it is that you have conjured up in your mind.

The perfect boyfriend.

This gives you a dopamine rush every time you think of him.

The feeling is too good.

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As the months went by, the idea of him that you had constructed in your head grew stronger.

In another life, it feels like you two are dating.

In your real life, you look to anything he says or does as a sign that he likes you.

It looked like he smiled at you on one random day, and you instantly read that as a sign that he likes you.

That alone had you daydreaming about him all day long and you dreamt about him when you went to sleep that night too.

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Not that you don’t do this on a regular basis, but whenever you receive any form of acknowledgment from him, whether it be in a smile or eye contact, your dreams about him during the day and at night are greatly enhanced.

This crush has lasted more than a year, not because the two of you are on the precipice of going out on a date after spending quality time getting to know each other, but because you are addicted to how good you feel whenever you see him or think about him.

So, no, a crush that lasts more than a year doesn’t mean that there is something more.

You are just addicted to him.

The longer you let this occur in your mind, the bigger he gets.

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This doesn’t do you any favors.

It paints a picture of a guy who is so perfect, you could never match up with him.

You pale in comparison.

He is on such a pedestal that the thought of opening up a conversation with him or asking him to hang out is terrifying to you.

The longer you keep him as a crush without taking any action to see whether the attraction is mutual, the higher the pedestal you put him on.

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Which makes it harder and harder for you to make a move on him or give him the right signals on your end to let him know you are interested in him.

It is never healthy for you to hold a crush that lasts for more than a year.

It means that you are building the guy up in your mind to such lofty levels, you can’t compare to him.

This hurts your self-esteem and leaves you in a constant state of uncertainty, not knowing whether he likes you too.

On top of this, you lose out on dating prospects who are interested in you but choose not to pursue you, considering how emotionally unavailable you are to anyone, but this one crush.

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You have two choices.

Either tell him how you feel about him or end this crush and move on.

Staying in it is detrimental to your mental health and love life in general.

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