Is It Normal For My Boyfriend’s Best Girl Friend To Be Jealous Of Me?

Is It Normal For My Boyfriend's Best Girl Friend To Be Jealous Of Me?

It happens.

She is your boyfriend’s best girl friend, but this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have romantic inclinations towards him.

It’s hard for men and women to be platonic friends, unless there is no physical attraction between them.

Your boyfriend’s best girl friend is attracted to your boyfriend.

For a while now, she has been hoping to transition into becoming his girlfriend .

She has been waiting in the wings believing that her time was coming.

Then, out of nowhere, you show up.

You took her by surprise.

He probably wasn’t expecting you either.

But you arrived.

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He was blown away.

He started wooing you.

Not so long after, you two became exclusive.

His best girl friend didn’t like this.

In fact, there is a good chance that while he was wooing you, she was doing everything in her power to subtly convince him that you weren’t a suitable romantic option.

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It didn’t work.

He fell for you and the rest is history.

Now, you are at the end of her ire.

She is jealous that he chose you over her.

She had been waiting her turn, pretending to be his platonic friend, but secretly hoping that he would pick her as his next girlfriend.

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He didn’t.

So, she is jealous of who he chose.


It’s nothing personal against you.

You just so happen to be in the way of what she wants, him.

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As his new girlfriend, you are susceptible to falling into the trap of looking at her as the enemy.

As a result, in the foreseeable future, you command your boyfriend not to be her friend anymore or you react angrily to some of her messages to him, believing she is attempting to turn your boyfriend against you.

Be exceptionally careful that you don’t allow her jealousy to influence how you behave with your boyfriend.

That is what she wants.

She wants you to become so threatened by her that you end up getting too suspicious of your boyfriend, and start fights with him, in reference to what she said or did.

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This means you have fallen into her trap and jeopardized your relationship with your new boyfriend.

Remember, this is exactly what she wants and you would be playing right into her hands.

Instead, show her kindness and avoid any negativity towards her.

A sustained period of this behavior makes it impossible for her to continue finding ways to goad you into negatively reacting to what she is doing, hoping that you jeopardize your relationship with your boyfriend.

As long as you never let yourself get sucked into the drama, choosing instead to focus on your relationship with your boyfriend and being the best girlfriend you can be, her jealous acts will get her nowhere.

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In time, she is going to get exhausted.

You aren’t falling into her traps, and she can see that your relationship with your boyfriend is only getting stronger because you have been focusing on that over her.

Then her jealous acts stop, as she has to accept that the guy she wants is lost to her for good.

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