Have You Ever Gotten Nervous Around Your Crush?

Have You Ever Gotten Nervous Around Your Crush?

People get nervous around their crush everyday.

It has to do with the uncertainty of how the crush feels about them and how much they have built up the crush in their minds.

Our imaginations run wild when we have a crush on someone.

We create stories in our heads about what this crush must be like as a person and what a life with this crush could be like.

We get so wrapped up in our thoughts about this that this contributes to us getting nervous around the crush.

You have spent so much time building this crush up in your mind that once you are around your crush, you get nervous.

You don’t believe you compare to this amazing specimen of a human being.

It seems inadequate for you to be this close to your crush when you don’t believe that you match up to him.

This goes through your head as you stand close to him or you are somewhere around him.

The nervousness is palpable.

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What if he looks at me?

What do I do?

Instinctively, you clamp up.

You don’t want to show any signs of liking your crush.

The last thing you want is to be rejected by him.

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It would crush you.

So, you protect yourself.

You avoid eye contact until you know he isn’t looking your way.

Now you get to admire him.

When you spend so much time just looking at your crush from afar but never start a conversation with him, it only adds to his allure and mystique.

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You are building him up to something greater than you had conjured up the day before.

This is a double-edged sword.

Building up his allure and mystique in your mind makes him increasingly unattainable.

The next time you are around him, you are nervous on a grander scale.

This has to do with how much time you are spending designing and molding who you think this crush is and what they are about.

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It isn’t wise to spend this much time admiring your crush from afar and not taking action to open up a conversation with your crush.

When you spend so much time building up a crush in your mind, you end up becoming exponentially nervous when you are around your crush.

This dramatically decreases the chances that you will ever initiate a conversation with him, or at least, give him a smile when he looks in your direction.

You are too nervous.

In your mind, he has been built up to such a degree that you don’t believe you could ever match up to him.

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This is a complete fallacy.

The person that you have built up in your head doesn’t exist.

You have created the best possible version of a crush without consideration of the fact that a crush is human.

As a human, a crush is prone to making mistakes and having insecurities.

Like you.

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Your crush is no different from you.

Yet, because you have spent so much time building him up in your mind, he is too perfect and you can’t imagine yourself ever matching that level of perfection.

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