Would My Surgeon Be Willing To Risk His Career For Me?

Would My Surgeon Be Willing To Risk His Career For Me?

Your surgeon is attractive.

And it doesn’t hurt that he is a successful surgeon, well-respected in his field and the community.

You are thinking about giving him your number soon but you are wondering whether he would risk his career for you, given that you are his patient.

Take a step back and consider where this surgeon is at in his life relationship-wise.

Is he in a relationship with someone else?


Surgeons are a hot commodity in the dating market.

They don’t stay single for long.

Before getting overly excited about the prospect of giving him your number on your next appointment with him, consider the possibility that he is already involved with someone else.

This should be your top concern before anything else.

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Establish whether your surgeon is single and available.

This is the first step.

Should you establish that he is single, you then have the task of deciphering whether he is emotionally available.

Don’t skip this step.

So many women are drawn to emotionally unavailable men believing that they can get these men to change and develop an emotional connection to them.

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It rarely happens like that.

They just end up mentally and emotionally exhausted after months or years of trying to get the man to open himself up to them emotionally.

Is your surgeon emotionally available?

A telltale sign of an emotionally available guy is in his sensitivity.

You establish whether he is sensitive or not by how intimately he listens to you, how patiently he responds to you and how he shows affection.

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A surgeon has to take care of his patient, which does require a degree of caring.

But you know he is sensitive when he has patience, is a lot more hands-on with you, remembers details of past conversations you had with him, and shows a propensity to empathize with you.

A guy who isn’t emotionally available normally has an unseen wall that keeps him from showing dedicated sensitivity beyond a generally caring disposition.

The same generally caring disposition that a random surgeon or doctor has for a patient.

When this surgeon takes his level of sensitivity towards you to an elevated level in intimacy and personal touch, he is demonstrating that there is an openness to him, which normally indicates that he is emotionally available.

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Once you establish that he is emotionally available, you have now graduated to a level where you can truly consider whether this surgeon would risk his career for you.

Oftentimes, his dating history gives you a strong hint.

Has he dated women in the past who were patients of his?

If he has, then he is a surgeon that is willing to risk his career on a patient.

Besides this, a surgeon who has his own practice and isn’t an employee of a hospital is normally a lot more open to dating a patient.

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Owning his own practice gives him a level of freedom that he wouldn’t have as an employee at a hospital or medical facility.

These establishments have rules in place that aren’t always permissive of doctor-patient relationships.

A surgeon who has his own practice makes his own rules.

This opens him up to the conceivability of dating a patient.

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