Why Does My Ex-Boyfriend Message Me Every Day Just To Send Rude, Insulting Messages?

Why Does My Ex-Boyfriend Message Me Every Day Just To Send Rude, Insulting Messages?

When he sends rude, insulting messages, he is affecting you emotionally.

He knows that this upsets you.

He doesn’t want you to move on from him.

Rude, insulting messages, are designed to make the recipient feel less than.

You are forced to ask yourself about whether these awful words he is using to describe you are true.

Flustered, you go to your friends and family for reassurance.

They tell you that you are nothing like what he is calling you out to be.

This gives you temporary reprieve.

You feel a little better about yourself, but it doesn’t take long before the doubts creep in again.

The constant barrage of insults from your ex-boyfriend makes it impossible for your reprieve to last.

His words stick with you, even when you go to sleep at night.

Each day, there is foreboding.

You are dreading the inevitability of his messages.

Just once, you want him to take a break from it, but he doesn’t.

Your ex-boyfriend knows that he is capable of having sway over your emotions when he is sending rude and insulting messages to you.

He doesn’t have the advantage of being around you physically, so doing this is the next best thing.

He knows that he gets to stay in your head when he is consistently sending you these rude and insulting messages.

Again, it messes with you emotionally.

When your emotions on a daily basis are chaotic, there isn’t room for someone else of romantic interest to come into your life.

You won’t be emotionally available to that person.

Your ex-boyfriend knows this.

As long as he keeps this up, not only does he exercise control over your emotions, he prevents you from moving on to a new guy of romantic potential.

There were signs of this controlling behavior in your ex-boyfriend when you were in a relationship with him.

You chose to ignore them because of his other qualities.

You liked that you had so much in common with him.

This made you subconsciously excuse the side of his temperament that was controlling.

As long as he was making you feel this good, you ignored the warning signs.

Now, he is no longer your boyfriend and his true colors have come out.

This was always who he was.

He was like this with his previous girlfriends too.

A controlling boyfriend normally has a history of emotional and psychological abuse that normally reveals itself when he isn’t getting his way.

You may still have some fond memories of your ex-boyfriend but that was not really who he was.

What he is putting you through today and every day is who he really is.

Let go of the thought or idea that there is something to be salvaged here.

There isn’t.

Block him on every platform you have.

The sooner you stop the mental and emotional torment he is putting you through, the sooner you put this dark chapter of your life behind you.


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