Friend With Benefits Tells His Mom About Me?

Friend With Benefits Tells His Mom About Me?

It’s confusing to think that your friend with benefits has told his mom about you.

The two of you are in a casual relationship and have been for some time.

It’s strange to think that he would tell his mom about you when the relationship isn’t serious.

Well, at least, that is what you thought.

You will admit, over time, you have grown fond of him.

You aren’t quite sure whether you want your relationship with him to go any further than that of being friends with benefits.

Yet, when you learned that he tells him mom about you, it gave you pause.

Is your relationship with him more than what it is?

Has there been some kind of transition to the relationship that you weren’t informed about?

It is a little scary.

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You are fully aware that in thinking that a deeper component is afoot, you are susceptible to letting your guard down and completely falling for him.

You don’t want to be in that predicament, especially when he has never told you that he has deeper feelings for you.

It makes sense that you are confused.

Telling his mom about you belies what a friends with benefits relationship embodies.

What could this mean?

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Nothing really.

Telling his mom about you doesn’t mean that he sees you as anything other than a friend with benefits.

Moms get curious about who their children are dating.

She gets nosy and asks him about it.

He stays quiet about it in the beginning, but eventually caves.

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He wants his mom to stop asking him about it.

He lets her know that you are someone he is talking to.

He avoids mentioning that you are his friend with benefits.

When she asks him whether he is dating you, he is vague in his response.

You are someone he is talking to.

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He hopes that this answer is enough to keep her from hounding him about his love life, at least, for a little while.

You mustn’t make assumptions of how he regards the relationship on account of what he is telling his mom.

This is how you get yourself into trouble.

You let your emotions get the best of you in assuming that he must have deeper feelings for you.

As a result, your guard goes down and you fall for him.

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Weeks later you realize that the relationship hasn’t transitioned.

It is still very much a friends with benefits relationship.

Now you are in trouble because you allowed your assumptions to get the best of you and you have fallen for him.

You are no longer getting any joy out of your friends with benefits relationship with him.

You are miserable.

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He observes that there has been a change in your body language, which in turn causes him to worry about your state of mind.

This puts your friends with benefits relationship with him in jeopardy.

Do yourself a favor.

Unless your friend with benefits has a serious conversation with you about wanting to transition the relationship to a committed one and his ensuing actions back up his words, you mustn’t make assumptions of his intentions.

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