What Makes A Guy Approach A Girl In A Club?

What Makes A Guy Approach A Girl In A Club?

When she isn’t surrounded by other guys or her female friends, a guy is exponentially more inclined to approach a girl in a club.

Being surrounded by guys or female friends forces this guy to rethink the idea of approaching you, regardless of how attractive you are to him.

Entice him to approach you by secluding yourself from everyone else from time to time throughout the night.

Yes, find a spot where you aren’t surrounded by guys or your female friends and stay there for while.

This lets him see that you are no longer around a crowd of guys or your female friends, which consequently triggers his curiosity to locate where you are.

Upon spotting you and realizing that you are alone, he is approaching, making a beeline to your vicinity so as to seize the moment.

A guy, regardless of how attractive and confident he is, has a stronger inclination to approach you when he knows that there is less competition from other males and no judgmental influence of your female friends within the vicinity.

Something else that makes a guy approach a girl in a club is when she makes him notice her.

To do this, she walks by him on occasion or sets herself within an area close by.

Eye contact is a must in these occasions.

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When you are walking past, make eye contact with him and smile.

The same applies to when you set yourself in an area close to his vicinity.

Make eye contact with him every now and then and smile.

This is how he knows you are acknowledging him and wanting him to make an approach.

Doing this gives you cover.

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He isn’t as hesitant to approach you amongst your friends when you have consistently made eye contact with him and smiled.

That inviting behavior on your end reassures him that in approaching you, he doesn’t run the risk of being ignored or humiliated in front of your friends.

In clubs, the drunkest girls receive the greatest amount of attention, being that men see her as easy prey.

These are men who are looking to take advantage of her drunken state.

These aren’t the type of men you want approaching you, regardless of how many of them are drawn to you on account of an inebriated stupor.

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Instead, your goal is to have quality men approach you.

This is where your intelligence and social skills take center stage.

Drunk girls in clubs attract the wrong attention.

Intelligent girls, skilled at making their way through an eclectic crowd, capture the right attention.

This is when you aren’t sticking with your group of friends for the entire night.

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You are wading through the club every so often, stopping by different groups and starting conversations with them.

Being that you aren’t drunk, you are stimulating interesting conversations with different groups of strangers.

Every time he looks up, there you are with a different group of strangers having a pleasant conversation with them.

This makes him realize that you are open to talking to everyone, not just your group of friends or a bunch of drunk guys.

You are a social butterfly so to speak who isn’t discriminating on who she chooses to talk to at the club.

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This tells him that you are approachable and not only that, you are clearly a good person to have a conversation with.

This pushes him to move towards you in the hopes of intercepting your path as you wade through the crowd.

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