If You Are Very Angry With Your Boyfriend, Will You Still Accept Flowers From Him, Sent By Delivery?

If You Are Very Angry With Your Boyfriend, Will You Still Accept Flowers From Him, Sent By Delivery?


Your boyfriend is trying to make amends.

That is what the flowers are for.

He sent them by delivery so as not to anger you further with his physical presence.

Relationships aren’t perfect.

It is inevitable that disagreements happen.

What adds to the health of a relationship is in how these disagreements are handled.

The longer you hold on to your anger, the longer this friction persists.

Communication is vital for a relationship to have success and be durable.

Your boyfriend has sent you flowers to indicate that he is contrite.

Not accepting the flowers is figuratively a punch to the gut.

You are sending the message that you want to hold on to this issue and have him continue to wallow in guilt.

Once you get away with this type of behavior, you are prone to keep doing it.

The slightest issue occurs and you are angry, puckering your face, crossing your arms and refusing to talk to him.

This isn’t how to resolve relationship issues.

Holding on to anger builds resentment within you.

That in turn causes you to become hyper-sensitive to everything he says and does in the future, looking for your opportunity to catch him messing up.

This leaves your boyfriend feeling as though he is walking on eggshells with you.

He never feels comfortable expressing himself or just being himself, out of the fear that you take offense to something he says or does.

This is a terrible situation to be in as a couple.

A healthy relationship requires an openness in expression and communication.

When one partner is too nervous to speak their mind or behave naturally, the relationship loses its foundation.

You are no longer a refuge to go to for your boyfriend because he is afraid of the drama you come with.

Inevitably, your boyfriend goes somewhere else for expression and to feel free to be himself.

These are friends and colleagues, or family members.

Some of these friends and colleagues are female.

Once your boyfriend starts going somewhere else to express himself, you are now on the path of losing him emotionally.

Emotional affairs are cultivated from relationships where one partner is emotionally dissatisfied.

You, as his girlfriend, has him walking on eggshells and his relationship with you has transitioned into a lackluster and suffocating debacle.

You cannot keep responding to issues within your relationship by becoming so angry that you are questioning whether to accept flowers sent to you by your boyfriend.

The disagreement between you and your boyfriend should have never gotten this far.

Notwithstanding, you have time to rectify your behavior.

Never hold on to anger.

When issues arise in your relationship with your boyfriend, address them head-on.

Encourage your boyfriend to give his perspective on the issue as well.

This is how you keep him from feeling like he is more of a spectator in the relationship, as opposed to an equal partner.

Resolving issues diplomatically and as soon as they arise, saves you from falling into the habit of constantly getting upset and holding on to the anger.

As aforementioned, habitually getting angry with your boyfriend to the extent that he feels the need to send you flowers isn’t healthy for your relationship.

You think that you are justified in doing it, but you eventually alienate your boyfriend, causing him to look somewhere else to express himself freely.

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