Why Do Guys Come Back Around When They See You’re With Someone?

Why Do Guys Come Back Around When They See You're With Someone?

He sucked you in for a while and then would ghost you.

This drove you crazy, obsessive.

It felt like you were losing your mind.

Finally, you grew wiser.

You wanted nothing to do with him and his ghosting behavior.

You moved on.

Since then you have found another guy who is the opposite.

He doesn’t ghost you.

He is sweet and kind.

You have been posting about your loving relationship with him on social media.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the other guy has come back.

He had the audacity to send you a message the other day, acting as though he never mistreated you in the past.

Obviously, you want nothing to do with him anymore, but can’t help but wonder why he is back.

He would go for weeks without communicating with you in the past.

Now, he seems desperate to hear from you.

Is it mere coincidence that he so happened to come back into your life when you are happy with your new relationship and posting about it on your social media?

It isn’t.

Your instincts are letting you know that this isn’t a mere coincidence.

In the past, he had a hold over you emotionally.

He spent time talking to you, making you feel like you were the only girl in existence, then he followed that up with ghosting you for weeks or months on end.

Unfortunately, you facilitated this behavior because you wanted to be with him so badly.

He loved having that control over you. To him, it was always about the control.

It wasn’t about him caring about you.

He wanted to get you sucked into his charm, hoping to get you emotionally hooked so as to take advantage of your emotions.

That was what he was doing.

The control was his primary concern.

To know that he had the power to have your emotions completely controlled at his whim, gave him the jollies.

He loved it.

Once you matured and knew better, you told him off and went on your way.

This didn’t scare him.

He knew that he could come back at any time, put on the charm and you would be sucked right back into his web of lies just like that.

He wasn’t panicked.

Now that you are in a happy relationship, that has changed.

You have been posting about your happy relationship on your social media.

This has him bouncing off the walls in a fit.

He knows that another guy is at the forefront of your thoughts, stirring your emotions.

This is the last thing he wants.

With another guy in the picture, he loses control over your emotions.

He can’t have that.

In coming back into your life and sending you a message out of the blue, he is hoping to get back into your head.

As long as he gets you to start thinking about him again, he creates turmoil and confusion inside your mind.

With this turmoil and confusion, being fully emotionally invested in your new relationship gets complicated.

That is what he wants.

In creating that upheaval in your mind, he remains a factor in your life.

This means that all he has to do is turn on the charm again at some point to win you back.

The intent is to get you back into his sphere of control.

Once he has you back there, he has control again.

This means that the cycle of ghosting will resume in short order.

Are you happy with the life you have with the new man in your life?

To keep it, you mustn’t respond to any messages from this guy who has decided to come back into your life.

The moment he realizes you didn’t respond to his first message, he is going to turn on the charm offensive with everything he’s got so as to manipulate you emotionally.

Block him everywhere to circumvent any temptation to message him back.

Guys like this who are so obsessed with control eventually get it.

Once they see that you are putting up a fight in blocking them and not entertaining any communication from them, they give up and move on to a new unsuspecting girl.

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