If A Boss Never Talks To You Unless He Has To, Does He Like You?

If A Boss Never Talks To You Unless He Has To, Does He Like You?

Just like a teacher, a boss has his favorites.

No doubt, you have observed this boss talking to other employees.

He laughs with them.

Has small talk with them about the latest celebrity gossip.

Has lunch with them.

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You, on the other hand, he is standoffish with. He never talks to you unless he has to.

On multiple occasions, you feel so neglected, you hope he walks over to your workspace or office to give you extra work.

That’s how desperate you are to get his attention.

At first, you were saddened with how he ignored you, whilst having no trouble talking to his favorites around you.

It wasn’t until you thought it over and talked to some friends about him that you arrived at the notion that he might be doing this because he likes you.

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You want to believe that he ignores you to keep from making it obvious that he likes you.

You want to believe that he only talks to you unless he has to because that is the only way he is capable of talking to you without getting nervous, making it obvious he likes you.

You are attracted to your boss and unfortunately, as he has ignored you, your attraction for him has grown.

The more you think about this, the harder it is to get him out of your head.

When you are shopping, you are thinking about him.

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At the gym, thoughts of him are messing up your reps.

Among friends at a bar on a Friday night, you are wondering what he is doing at that very moment.

Subconsciously, you look around, wondering whether he is at the same bar.

This is how obsessed you have gotten with this boss.

The notion that a boss who never talks to you unless he has to, likes you, is too presumptuous.

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For one, have you thought about how quiet of a person you are at work?

Who are his favorites at work?

Are they talkative?

Your boss probably talks to them a lot more than you on account of how gregarious they are.

Think about other people at your work who are like you, quiet.

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Does your boss talk to them frequently?


Just like he does with you, he never talks to them unless he has to.

If you make this observation and realize that he treats several of your quiet coworkers in the same way as he does you, there is nothing that irrefutably points to him liking you.

This isn’t what you wanted to hear, but you have had your head in the clouds for weeks, thinking about this boss, and it’s time to float back down to earth.

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This being said, there is one last thing you can look for the next time he talks to you, to be absolutely certain he likes or doesn’t like you.

His body language.

Is his body language any different when he is talking to you than when he is talking to anyone else?

A boss who gets physically closer to you as he is talking to you, with the occasional touching of your arm, shoulder or back, is out of the ordinary.

Physical closeness and repeated touching is a strong sign of attraction.

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Sometimes, he even brushes his body ever so slightly against yours to create that physical closeness.

Does he do this?

A boss who demonstrates this body language likes you.

A boss who doesn’t, sees you no different than the other quiet coworkers at your workplace.


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