What Are The Signs A Man Wants You To Approach Him?

What Are The Signs A Man Wants You To Approach Him?

Men aren’t accustomed to women approaching them.

With this as their life history, they aren’t good at giving the right signs that they want a woman to approach them.

Normally, the shoe is on the other foot.

They are watching a woman, looking for signs that she wants them to approach her.

His inexperience in showing clear-cut signs that he wants a woman to approach him is a one-way ticket to confusion.

As you search for signs that he wants you to approach him, you are witnessing contradictions.

One moment, he is looking at you, the next, he is doing everything to keep from looking at you.

On another occasion, he is talking to people around you, looks to talk to you, but suddenly stops himself.

Next thing you know, he is talking to someone else instead of you.

Every now and then, he turns in your direction as though he is thinking about coming over to talk to you, then he turns back to talking to whoever he was talking to.

It’s an imbroglio of confusion that drives any sane woman crazy.

While you are champing at the bit to pull your hair out, keep in mind that men simply aren’t expecting a woman to approach them, as this isn’t their life history.

Unlike women who have had centuries to develop the art of giving a man the signs that show she wants him to approach her, men don’t have that advantage.

This isn’t a verdict on whether men want to be approached or not.

They do.

Acknowledging the average man’s history with this concept over generations is relevant.

This keeps you from driving yourself crazy as you decipher what his confusing signs signify.

Since men haven’t been trained in how to give out signs that they want to be approached, you have to master how to interpret the frustrating signs they do give off.

Usually, these supposed signs leave the average woman confused.

To get over this hump, you have to have the acumen to read between the lines of what he is doing.

When a guy looks in your direction multiple times, but turns away whenever you establish eye contact with him, he is interested in you.

A man who keeps looking at you is attracted to you. He turns away, not from an absence of attraction, but for fear of the creepiness factor.

While some do it out of natural shyness.

He isn’t thinking that he wants you to approach him.

Remember, men over the centuries have never been taught about how to get a woman to approach them.

It has normally been the other way around.

Figuring out whether a woman wants to be approached has been their life staple.

When you see a man look at you and look away multiple times, he unconsciously wants you to approach him.

He doesn’t believe that likely, as this isn’t what he is accustomed to women doing.

No doubt, if a reporter were to put a microphone to his face while he is stuck in this confusing “looking” episode with a girl across from him and asked if he would want the girl to approach him, he would say yes.

Be that girl.

As confusing as it is, don’t overthink it.

Too many girls overthink his confusing behavior and end up doing nothing, having psyched themselves out of it with excessive mental gymnastics.

Once you observe him looking at you and looking away multiple times, that’s your cue to approach him.

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