How Do I Move On From Someone Who Doesn’t Like Me?

How Do I Move On From Someone Who Doesn't Like Me?

There is nothing to move on from.

You were never his girlfriend.

What you are actually moving on from is what you conceived in your mind about him.

Your mind has been your worst enemy.

You independently created a profile of who this guy is.

You created a personality for him and molded him into the best possible boyfriend he could be.

Real life cannot compete with imagination.

Imagination creates perfection.

You made him perfect in your mind and while doing it, you felt so good, you deceived yourself into believing he felt the same way about you.

You were projecting, obsessively telling yourself that he must be thinking of you as you think of him.

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Since your mind wanted so badly to believe that he was thinking about you with equal fervor, you tricked yourself into reading too much into his behavior.

Whenever he looked at you, you interpreted that as a sign that he likes you.

Whenever he walked past you, you interpreted that as a sign that he was looking to get your attention.

After all, he could have taken another route to wherever he was going.

Whenever he held a door open for you or let you walk into a room before him, you interpreted that as a sign he was being a gentleman to you because he likes you.

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The mind is a remarkably powerful tool that has the ability to create a reality for us that doesn’t exist.

You basically see what you want to see.

A mind overwhelmed with desire doesn’t rationalize that he looked in your direction because there was something else besides you that caught his attention.

It doesn’t realize that he walked past you because there was someone else he was looking to meet up with, and using the route you were on was a shortcut to getting to that person faster.

The mind doesn’t realize that he held the door open to you or let you walk into a room before him because he has good manners and does this with everyone.

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You made your mind believe what you wanted it to.

It feels so good to think that he is thinking about you like you are thinking about him.

It’s a rush of dopamine.

Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that makes you feel euphoric.

It’s so impactful, it’s addicting.

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Your mind built him up and built up what you hoped he was thinking about you.

You did this by misinterpreting his behavior and drawing a conclusion that he likes you.

When you accept that everything that has led up to this moment was of your own making, moving on from someone who doesn’t like you isn’t difficult.

You have to come to terms with the fact that you made yourself believe he liked you and gave your imagination carte blanche in creating a reality that never existed.

You created a false reality.

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Once you acknowledge the role you played in creating this false perception, moving on from him makes all the sense in the world.

There was nothing there to begin with.

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