When You Should Let Go But Deep Down You Don’t Want To?

When You Should Let Go But Deep Down You Don't Want To?

It’s a fascinating connection that is impossible to explain to someone outside of it.

You experienced a profound, deep-rooted connection with this guy from day one and nothing you have experienced prior to him nor since compares.

Being with him is so intense, it feels like the rest of the outside world disappears.

No guy you have dated has ever had this effect on you.

The highs with him are unbelievably high, and the lows are fiery.

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The lows are replete with screaming insults at each other.

The highs are replete with passion and hope.

How one guy puts you through such a gamut of opposite emotions is beyond you.

Given these ups and downs, there is no doubt you are aware that you need to let him go.

Your friends and family have been vocal in telling you that he is not good for you.

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You aren’t dumb.

Letting go of this guy is the sensible thing to do.

Yet, deep down, you don’t want to.

Whenever you think about the lows, you feel inspired to let him go.

It isn’t healthy to experience such lows where you are so upset with him, you struggle to function.

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During these lows, you have lost your appetite, cried yourself silly, called in sick to work for days, ignored phone calls and texts from friends, family and work colleagues for days, on and on.

You don’t recognize the person you are when you are going through those lows and it’s scary.

The highs with him are beyond invigorating.

You wake up in the morning feeling like you are on top of the world.

So giddy, your smile beams from ear to ear, whether you are bored at work or standing in line at a grocery store.

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It doesn’t matter.

You are smiling and happy, and it has to do with him.

He has you laughing so intensely when you two hang out, you struggle breathing.

He listens to you and gives you insight on information about your life and past that you never receive from the closest people to you, including your exceedingly insightful and loving mother.

He is like nothing you have ever experienced and whenever you haven’t seen or heard from him for a sustained amount of time, you miss him and it feels like a part of you is dead.

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Although there is no doubt in your mind that your relationship with him is too precarious, you don’t want to let go.

Deep down, you are prepared to go through the lows, as long as you can experience those unbelievable highs with him.

The highs are addicting.

Too addicting to let go of.

You have dated various guys who were good and stable.

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They had good backgrounds and were kind.

The dates were fun.

There was chemistry, to an extent.

Several of them were great candidates for boyfriends and you felt confident that they would treat you right.

Those relationships rarely lasted long, regardless of how much you tried to give them a go.

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Nothing these good guys say or do matches the highs you have experienced with the guy you know you should let go of.

You feel good with them, but it never goes into second gear.

Eventually, you get bored and find yourself desperately reaching out to the guy you should let go of.

Regardless of how much time that has gone by since you last saw each other, there is no let up in chemistry.

From the moment you reconnect with him through conversation to the moment you meet up in person, the electricity is just as powerful as it was when you two first met.

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Deep down you don’t want to let go of this guy because you haven’t met any guy who has matched how amazing he makes you feel.

No matter the pain, you are prepared to go through the bitter lows with this guy, so as to experience the highs that have no comparison.


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