I Deserve Way Better Than Him, But I Still Want Him?

I Deserve Way Better Than Him, But I Still Want Him?

There is a reason why you know you deserve way better than him.

Whether it be your intuition or what family and friends have told you about him, you are fully aware that he isn’t a good match.

Yet, you still want him.

There is an emotional connection you can’t explain.

It’s guttural, and leaves you wanting him like you want to breathe.

This is a first for you.

Guys you have liked in the past were tepid at best.

They weren’t bad, just bland.

This guy is danger personified, and you are drawn to it like a moth to a flame.

Yes, you have heard the complaints from your family and friends, informing you that he is no good and you deserve way better.

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Their complaints are noted, but they don’t feel what you feel for this guy.

They wouldn’t comprehend the depths of these emotions.

Though you acknowledge you deserve way better than him, you only live once and you don’t want to give up this visceral feeling he ignites in you.

You aren’t alone in falling for a guy you know isn’t a good match for you.

Many girls before you have experienced the same, still wanting the bad boy, regardless of warnings they received from family and friends.

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There is nothing wrong with exploring this experience, as long as you never lose sight of who he is.

The best approach is to look at your relationship with him as a roller coaster ride.

One that elevates, dips, swerves and ends.

Once it ends, you get off that roller coaster ride and walk off without looking back.

Where so many girls before you fail is when they believe that this relationship with a bad boy has a future.

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This is where they get lost.

Bad boys have no intention of getting off that roller coaster.

They are wired to stay on it, and you aren’t.

Once the fun and excitement of dating this bad boy has run its course, you need to get off that roller coaster.

Going into this relationship with your eyes open, fully acknowledging that it has an expiration date where you have to get off that roller coaster, is the smartest choice.

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It keeps you in the moment, eschewing thoughts about a future with him that are futile and unrealistic.

Enjoy the ups and downs that are apparent with dating a bad boy, and once it’s over, it’s over.

The girls who end up hurt and emotionally damaged are the ones who deceive themselves into believing their relationship with said bad boy has the potential to transition into one of commitment and trust.

That doesn’t happen in the majority of circumstances.

In lieu of this, look at your experience with him as a temporary stage in your life of fun, danger, mystery and self-discovery.

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One that has an end date, like the roller coaster that finally slows and stops.

Don’t overstay your welcome.

Girls who overstay their welcome in a relationship with a bad boy run the risk of getting so emotionally attached, they are reluctant to let go.

Once the roller coaster slows to a stop, get off and never look back.

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