How To Ask A Guy To Meet Up For Coffee, If He Lives In A Different City?

How To Ask A Guy To Meet Up For Coffee, If He Lives In A Different City?

Although you like this guy and his romantic potential, think it through before considering whether to ask him to meet up for coffee or not.

He lives in a different city.

This means, should you two hit it off, there is going to be long distance dating.

Are you prepared for this?

Don’t answer this so fast.

Think about what long distance dating entails.

The logistics of meeting each other on a consistent basis while living in different cities.

The expense involved with visiting each other in different cities.

The inevitable cancellation of planned dates, given the challenge of traveling to different cities, from flight delays or cancellations to car breakdowns.

An immediate unavailability of a partner when emergencies arise, leaving you to fend for yourself or look to others for help.

These are just a few of the challenges that come with long distance dating.

Are you prepared for this?

Asking him to meet up for coffee sounds swell at first.

Don’t lose sight of the greater picture, keeping it in perspective lets you make the right decision in pursuing this guy or not.

In deciding that you want to pursue him, asking him to meet up for coffee isn’t hard.

Be straightforward with him.

Tell him that you would love to get to know him better and whether he would like to meet for coffee.

Being that he lives in a different city and you are the one asking, strongly consider traveling to his city first.

This shows genuine interest on your part.

A keenness to be the one to go to his city to meet up for coffee, informs him that you are serious about getting to know him.

Pick a coffee spot that is convenient to his part of the city.

Don’t pick a coffee location that is in the outskirts, in an effort to shorten the distance.

This doesn’t send a good message that you are serious about your interest in him.

Pick a coffee shop that is close to an area he frequents or resides.

Be considerate of his schedule.

Instead of picking a day that you are available, ask him about his days of availability.

Once he gives them to you, pick a day and time that works best for him.

That’s it.

Though you have the coffee date set up, there is something else you must do.

To make the most out of your trip to his city, have a good amount of time available to you, after the allotted time of the coffee date.

Several hours of availability is good, but days are better.

He knows you are traveling to his city.

Should you two hit it off on the coffee date, there is a strong probability he is going to want to extend the date.

He might ask you about how much time you have left before having to head home.

Tell him that you are planning to explore the city and have a few days to do it.


For the next few hours to days, he takes it on himself to be your tour guide.

This experience with him builds a stronger degree of camaraderie and chemistry.

Instead of solely planning on a coffee date and setting your schedule for that and nothing else, leave room for the possibility of further adventure with him.

This is how you make the most of your time in his city, given the long distance.

Prepare to use this approach moving forward with each other.

Should this transition into a serious relationship, have a serious conversation about plans to be together in the same city.

Set the plans and dedicate yourselves to making it happen.

Without a definitive plan to be together in the same city, a long-term long distance relationship is primed to fail.

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