Why Is My Ex-Boyfriend Trying To Stay Connected With My Friend Group?

Why Is My Ex-Boyfriend Trying To Stay Connected With My Friend Group?

Did your ex-boyfriend have close relationships with some members of your friend group before the breakup?

Staying connected to your friend group when he has already built up solid relationships with members of the group isn’t uncommon.

The more he has in common with them, the greater the likelihood he stays connected with them.

These are people he has hung out with one on one, even when he was in a relationship with you.

He went hunting with Robert.

The gun range with Paul.

Surfing with Jennifer.

Played basketball with Lawrence.

These are activities he loves and persists in loving, regardless of the reality that his romantic relationship with you has ended.

He persists in wanting to play basketball with Lawrence on Wednesday evenings or going hunting with Robert during hunting season.

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It’s beneficial to him to stay connected with these members of your friend group, being that he wants to keep on doing these activities.

An ex-boyfriend who never had close relationships with members of your friend group is a different story.

There is no reason for him to stay connected with them, unless he is attempting to stay connected to you.

Though he is your ex-boyfriend, he hopes to stay connected to you by using your friends to do so.

Through your friend group, he is privy to what you are doing in your life.

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He knows whether your are dating and who that is.

He knows what specific locations you are socializing at or who you are welcoming into your life as new friends.

The topics that you bring up in conversations to your friends becomes something he learns about.

Here, he is knowledgeable about whether you are talking about him or not.

Staying connected with your friend group gives him an avenue to keep tabs on what you are doing in your life and whether you talk about him.

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Other than this, there is no reason why an ex-boyfriend has a legitimate reason to stay connected to your friend group.

He never cared for them when he was dating you.

Caring for them, now that he is your ex, rings of ulterior motives.

Something else to consider is the possibility that there is someone in your friend group that he likes romantically.

Think back to when the two of you were dating and hanging out with your friend group on some occasions.

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Was there someone he paid significant attention to?

He laughed and joked around with her at a higher frequency than the rest of the group.

They sometimes were alone, off at a corner, or another part of the room, talking.

Whenever she was around, he showed so much greater energy than when she wasn’t.

Liking a person like this within your friend group doesn’t suddenly disappear when his romantic relationship with you ends.

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In staying connected to your friend group, he is hoping to have consistent exposure to her.

Whether she has a boyfriend of her own or not.

As long as he likes her, he stays connected to your friend group, hanging around, hoping that he gets his moment to swoop in and snatch her from whomever she is dating.

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