If A Guy Has Been Messaging Everyday Then Doesn’t After A First Date, Is He Ghosting Me?

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If A Guy Has Been Messaging Everyday Then Doesn't After A First Date, Is He Ghosting Me?

A day or two without exchanging messages with him after a first date, isn’t a surefire signal he is ghosting you.

It is worrying to not hear from him for a day or two, after having exchanged messages with him everyday leading up to the first date.

Avoid having your desires cloud your mind, compelling you to inadvertently take action that turns him off.

There was a buildup to the first date, and now that it has happened, it isn’t unusual for there to be a cool off period.

That first date was his first experience with you in real life.

That is different from exchanging messages with you everyday.

Although several of your conversations through messaging were fun, they were impersonal.

Words that come through a screen are different from words you hear in person.

On top of this, there is the question of chemistry.

Exchanging fun messages with you doesn’t mean that there is authentic chemistry between you.

Many people misunderstand the concept of chemistry.

Although it feels like you share chemistry through messaging, this doesn’t mean that a face to face meeting results in the same chemistry.

Words on a screen pale in comparison to hearing each other’s voice, talking extemporaneously to each other and experiencing each other’s body language.

Now that you have met each other on a first date, there is much to assess.

During the aftermath, he is comparing his experience with you on the first date with his experience with you through messaging.

Like anyone else who is about to meet someone on a first date after a period of messaging, he had expectations.

From what you look like in real life to what you sound like, he contemplated what was in store.

The first date arrived and to you, everything went splendid.

Conversation flowed, laughter was abundant and he asked you to text him when you got home to inform him that you arrived home safely.

Your own expectations of the first date was met and you went to sleep with a smile on your face.

Alas, it has been a day or two and you haven’t heard from him, which contradicts the consistent messaging you have been experiencing with him for the last few weeks.

Inevitably, the question of whether he is ghosting you assails your thoughts as you worry.

Manage your emotions.

In the early stages of dating, a guy who leads is a guy who is inspired to keep courting the girl.

Leave him to that.

Refrain from taking the reins and forcing your desires on the relationship through initiating a message to him or asking him out on a second date.

Though you have no doubt that you liked him on the first date, he needs time to gauge where he wants to go from here and feels the need to create a breather after weeks of nonstop messaging.

Most guys know whether they want to keep courting a girl within a week of the first date.

Beyond that, your suspicion that he is ghosting you is duly warranted.

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