Would A Guy Get Into A Relationship With A PhD Student?

Would A Guy Get Into A Relationship With A PhD Student?

A PhD student isn’t off limits to most guys.

A guy who has a PhD of his own feels a kinship with her hard work ethic and intelligence.

A guy who doesn’t have a PhD of his own admires that she is this bright, but with reservations.

His reservations in getting into a relationship with her have to do with how she looks at him.

Does she look down on him for not having a PhD nor intending to have one?

Does she look down on him for having a two or four year college degree and nothing more?

Does she look down on him for going to college but never finishing?

Most guys don’t want to be unfairly judged and a woman who looks down on them isn’t someone they want to get into a relationship with.

In the end, most guys, regardless of whether they have a PhD of their own or not, are open to getting into relationships with a wide variety of women, whether they are PhD students or working at a department store.

For guys, her level of academic achievement is impressive but how she makes him feel is more impressive by a mile.

Being a PhD student is great, but most guys are more impressed that you are adroit at fixing your own vehicle’s radiator over how many degrees you have on your wall.

Again, working for your PhD is fine, but guys are more concerned with how you make them feel over your academic achievements.

By society’s expectations, most men are expected to be breadwinners of their family.

They grow up with this in mind and consequently, they don’t actively seek out women who have the potential of earning more than they do.

As a PhD student, you have the potential to one day out-earn him, but that doesn’t register with him.

Being a PhD student isn’t what attracted him to you in the first place.

It was the sound of your laughter as you talked about a day your professor walked into class with toilet paper stuck at the bottom of his shoe.

The curvature of your back as you slipped on a blouse one morning about to head out for a lecture.

The swing of your hips as you headed out of the apartment one afternoon late for a lecture.

The sound of your voice when you call him just before a lecture is about to kick in.

How you laugh at his jokes while you are on the phone with him as you have lunch at the university cafeteria.

How you pout when he teases you about a question you answered incorrectly in your last exam.

How you look at his lips when he asks you about how your classes went that day.

How you nervously bite your lower lip when you are about to go in to class for an exam.

How excited you get when he orders takeout from your favorite Chinese restaurant.

Your physicality, quirks, idiosyncrasies and mannerisms that make you distinctly who you are is what attracts most men to you and is what they care about.

That is what inspires them to get into a relationship with you.

As long as you make him feel this good about you, PhD or not, he is into you.

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