Would You Date A Guy Who’s Met All Of Your Criteria, But Doesn’t Have The Best Looking Teeth Because Of Smoking?

Would You Date A Guy Who's Met All Of Your Criteria, But Doesn't Have The Best Looking Teeth Because Of Smoking?

You are the one who gets to live with his bad teeth, waking up and going to bed with them by your side every day.

You see them in full display when you have meals with him, as he munches away on meat, bread, fries, fruit, etc.

Are you constantly averting your eyes from that visual, or worse, losing your appetite?

Again, as his future partner, you are the one who gets to live with his teeth.

They are not the best looking, and being that he smokes, you have to expect that they are going to get worse.

He meets all of your criteria in a partner, save this one.

These unsavory teeth.

Those are a lot of pros to one con.

Do the pros outweigh that one con?

Sometimes, one con is such a deal-breaker, it doesn’t matter how many other pros exist, you just can’t get past that one con.

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Is that what you are experiencing at the moment?

That one con keeps getting in the way.

Even though he has met everything else in your criteria, consider for how long you enjoy these good qualities before being reminded of his teeth and experiencing a buzzkill.

For example, a criteria he meets is his independence.

You love the fact he owns his own car and his own home.

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You love it when he drives you where you need to go or picks you up.

Such a joy it is.

As you step into the car and he leans over to kiss you, boom!

There are his teeth, bringing you right back down from the pleasure you were just experiencing in him picking you up.

Let’s use another example.

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You love that he owns his own home.

He invites you over for dinner and his place looks sharp.

He has great taste in furniture and the swimming pool in his backyard is to die for.

At the door, he greets you with a quick hug and tells you he needs to grab something he is cooking from the oven.

You are left to revel in how sharp his home is.

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Eventually, he returns to you and opens his mouth to speak.


There are those unsightly teeth again.

Instantly, the joy you were experiencing a moment ago as you admired his home is gone, replaced with apprehension at the sight of his dastardly teeth.

Yet another reminder, that they are there, that one con you can’t shake.

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Let’s do another example.

You love that he has this great circle of friends.

You enjoy hanging out with them as they are entertaining to be around.

At first, you didn’t notice that some of his friends are smokers too and have teeth that are just as bad as his, if not worse.

Those were the early days and you were too concerned about leaving a good impression on them.

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Well, you are further in with this guy and the wool has been removed from your eyes.

Some of his friends have bad teeth too, being smokers themselves.

Now, when you are around them at a social function, instead of enjoying their company like you once did, you are receiving multiple reminders of bad teeth, as every few laughs, a friend reveals teeth that remind you of how bad your potential future partner’s teeth are.

Suddenly, you realize that these are the friends you are going to be around for the duration of your relationship with him and it’s unlikely that one or any of them is going to stop smoking.

You see, no matter how great he is in meeting every other criteria you want in a partner, you are always reminded of his teeth in each or most of these avenues you have checked off in your criteria.

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Whether it be his awesome car, house, friends, family, hobbies, job, etc., as long as he is physically there, his teeth are a constant buzzkill.

Is this something you can handle?

If not, this is one con that outweighs all the pros and it wouldn’t be wise to keep dating him.

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