Should I Give My Number To My Handsome New Neighbor?

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Should I Give My Number To My Handsome New Neighbor?

His handsome face is on your mind more often than you would like to admit.

Every time you come across each other as neighbors and make eye contact, he smiles, waves, and is pleasant.

Even held the door open for you as you walked into the building recently.

He smells good too.

So good.

It’s been a few weeks now and you are getting impatient.

As yet, he hasn’t started a conversation.

You have a feeling he is single.

Besides visits from his male friends, you haven’t seen him welcome any women.

The temptation is overpowering to give him your number but you are terrified about how he receives it.

Would it be too much, too soon, too creepy and too desperate?

Talking to friends and family about it has left you with a confusion of differing sentiments for and against.

To find it this difficult to create an initial connection with a handsome neighbor is bewildering.

Your tired of feeling like a creep, watching him come to and from.

Giving him your number feels like the right thing to do.

Otherwise, you fear that an opportunity is about to pass you by.

You dread the day you watch him come home with some hot woman on his arm.

A man this handsome doesn’t stay single for long.

Why isn’t that enough of a reason to get you to give your number to him without any further delay?

Those insecurities are just never far away from your thoughts.

Always worried about what he would think of such a gesture.

You really don’t want to embarrass yourself in giving him your number.

Are you even his type?

Maybe all the smiles and politeness is just who he is and has nothing to do with physical attraction.

Are you reading too much into his behavior just to find something that further supports the hope that he likes you back?

Take a moment to get out of your head.

This is overthinking to a fault.

Yes, you are right in thinking that a single man this handsome won’t stay single for long.

You can and should do something about it before you do see that attractive blonde or brunette svelte woman coming home with him on a Friday night.

Act now.

What do you do?

Forget about giving him your number.

Guys like feeling useful, especially when it comes to doing something considered manly.

Instead, knock on his door and ask him if you could kindly help you carry a new piece of furniture or equipment you just purchased from wherever, from your car to your apartment.

He is going to say yes.

Once you get the piece inside your apartment, this is your opportunity to thank him and offer him a refreshment, preferably a beverage, etc.

Make sure your apartment is looking fantastic.

He is going to want to stay there a little longer and just take it all in, so he is going to accept your offer.

This is when you have the perfect opportunity to make conversation with him.

Bring your A game.

Make him laugh.

Flirt with him a little by giving him a compliment.

If he responds to it by complimenting you back while maintaining a constant grin on his face, he is showing attraction.

He is going to ask you questions in relation to your place.

Maybe about a picture you have up on the wall or some decor.

Keep the conversation fluid and lighthearted, with small doses of flirtation.

Don’t be afraid to crack a joke at his expense.

Guys love that.

You won’t even have to give him your number.

If the conversation was stimulating enough, he is going to ask for it.

If he felt a romantic connection, he is going to start texting you.

From here, it all comes down to chemistry.

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