Do You Automatically Assume That People Find You Unattractive?

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Do You Automatically Assume That People Find You Unattractive?

Everyone, even the most attractive of us, has felt unattractive to someone at some point.

We all have insecurities, even when we have had a life filled with people complimenting just how attractive we are.

Automatically assuming that people find you unattractive on a daily or consistent basis is not healthy.

Perhaps you weren’t complimented on your looks all that much growing up, if at all.

That has left you feeling less confident about your looks.

Furthermore, your life so far hasn’t compiled a large number of admirers.

Sometimes, you feel invisible, watching everyone else seemingly have no issues attracting lovers, boyfriends and husbands into their lives.

Yet, some of your friends and family members swear by your looks.

They say you are pretty and that any man would be lucky to have you.

Such sentiments feel good, but only for a short while.

The next day, you are looking at yourself in the mirror while preparing to go out for your daily routine and find yourself feeling unattractive.

Unfortunately, this is when you are most critical of your looks.

Mentally, you critique almost everything you see, from your eyebrows to your jawline, nothing is exempt.

This is how you start most days it seems.

Right here is where you are making the egregious mistake.

When you start your day already feeling like you are the most unattractive person in the world, you carry that negative energy with you.

As human beings, we are very perceptive on picking up on someone else’s energy.

Unbeknownst to you, it oozes out of every pore in your body.

When you go to work, school, a coffee shop, laundromat, grocery store or gas station, that negativity follows you.

It is no surprise that you don’t receive a lot of compliments or get approached all that much, if at all, by men.

Your looks have nothing to do with it.

Your attitude and energy has everything to do with it.

Try this exercise the next time you go out of your home to go about your daily business.

Take the time to look your best.

A negative attitude makes a person put out very little effort in their appearance.

A good first impression is everything.

A person who senses that you aren’t putting out any effort to look your best especially when you are in social environments is less prone to approaching you.

Now that you have taken the time to look your best, adjust your mindset.

Instead of automatically assuming that everyone you walk by, drive past, stand in front of or sit next to is going to find you unattractive, think about the positive effects a change in your body language causes.

Think about the positive effects of making more eye contact with people and smiling more.

Think about what walking with your head and shoulders upright does for your posture and confidence.

Think about how giving someone sitting next to you on a subway or bus a compliment on their sweater, shoes or bracelet, affects your entire energy.

In this world, you get what you give.

If you take the time to compliment others as you go about your day, something magical happens.

People start complimenting you.

Soon, before you know it, everything about your life and how you look at yourself changes.

No longer are you automatically assuming that people find you unattractive.

If anything, you are finding it hard to keep up with the number of times people have complimented you this week alone.

Now, it’s only a matter of time before a man approaches and asks for your number or asks you out on a date.

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