Is It Normal For My Friend With Benefits To Want To Meet My Parents, And Want Me To Meet His Parents?

A friend with benefits who has now become more of a friend than a friend with benefits falls into this category.

Is It Normal For My Friend With Benefits To Want To Meet My Parents, And Want Me To Meet His Parents?Are you spending more time doing activities together that are typical of friends, instead of being intimate?

Has he been considerably more into talking and hanging out than sleeping with you lately?

Friends with benefits relationships are tricky, especially the longer they last.

People who stay in such relationships for several months find themselves in situations that make them wonder what exactly is going on.

By this point, it isn’t unusual for one party to have developed deeper feelings for the other, especially if they have been seeing more of each other.

Once feelings are involved, it’s a lot likelier you make assumptions or draw conclusions.

These are assumptions and conclusions about something your friend with benefits said or did.

And you use this to surmise that he likes you more than strictly a friend with benefits.

Telling you that he wants to meet your parents and wants you to meet his parents, isn’t an instant qualifier that he has deeper feelings for you.

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Take a moment to reflect on how your friend with benefits relationship has been going for the last few weeks or months.

Is there less physical intimacy and more hanging out and talking?

When a friend with benefits sees you as more of a friend than a friend with benefits, the intimacy reduces, and there are far more conversations about what happened at work that day than there is flirting.

Sometimes, people misconstrue less intimacy and more conversation as a sign that a friend with benefits is feeling differently and making an attempt to build a deeper connection.

There is some truth to this but other factors must be considered.

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When intimacy becomes a lot less adventurous than it once was, and drastically reduces altogether, it doesn’t bode well for how your friend with benefits views his relationship with you.

If anything, intimacy should be getting better.

The more two people become emotionally connected through intricate conversation and spending quality time sharing in each other’s company in a variety of ways, intimacy gets personal and lasts longer.

You appreciate and savor each other in a manner you never did.

The bulk of friends with benefits relationships are deficient of deep passion.

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The physical chemistry is there, but there is nothing deeper.

Like a lot of friends with benefits relationship, when there isn’t a core sense of emotional connection, physical intimacy soon fizzles out and the relationship is over.

In your case, if physical intimacy has drastically reduced and there has been more of hanging out and talking than anything else, a transition to one of platonic friendship is possible.

Friends with benefits relationships don’t end up with either party going their separate ways once their physical needs have been satiated in every instance.

Some end up in platonic friendships.

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This is where your friend with benefits has become more fond of you as a friend than a sexual partner.

He isn’t looking at you as romantic potential.

Rather, he is looking at you as someone that he is transitioning into a platonic friendship with.

By now, it isn’t unusual for him to want to meet your parents and have you meet his.

Similar to the platonic friends who have met his parents and vice versa, you are no different in his eyes.

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So, it isn’t a slam dunk that your friend with benefits has feelings for you when he wants you to meet his parents and wants to meet your parents.

It’s critical you look at other qualifiers.

Spending more time hanging out is one thing, but has he been taking you out on real dates?

Real dates that he plans out, points to something different.

There is a deeper layer of passion developing within him.

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The intimacy he shares with you is demonstratively more personal and prolonged than usual.

This is a strong indicator that he is looking at you as a person with much greater relevance than one he only sleeps with.

Amid all this, conversations are longer, and far more personal and revealing.

All of this points to a friend with benefits who is showing strong signs he wants a serious relationship, having developed deeper feelings for you in the time he has gotten to know you.

Take all of this into account.

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How has he been behaving of late?

You now know what a transition constitutes.

Given all you have now learned, has your friend with benefits relationship felt more like a platonic friendship than a budding romance the last few weeks, or vice versa?

There lies your answer.

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