Is It Normal For A Guy To Remember Everything You Say?

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Is It Normal For A Guy To Remember Everything You Say?

Some guys pay really good attention in conversation.

Especially guys who are more so listeners than talkers.

Hearing this guy remember small details about a conversation you both had weeks ago has taken you by surprise.

That’s understandable. You aren’t used to this.

All the guys you have been romantically interested in from your past or dated, had the memory retention of a goldfish.

Having this guy remember so much of what you have both talked about in the past to a minute detail has you truly taken aback.

Is it going to be different this time?

Is this a guy you finally connect with on a level you have never had with any other guy from your past?

Surely, remembering everything about your conversations to such minute detail must mean he is genuinely interested in you as a person.


Guys you have dated in the past didn’t have such good memories.

They made up for it by saying all the cute words that made you feel like you were special.

Then they would dump you, leaving you feeling used as though all you ever were to them was a warm body.

This new guy remembering so much of what you have told him is giving you a different vibe.

For once, a guy is not just pretending to listen to you.

This guy actually remembers details about what you tell him and asks you follow-up questions in later conversations.

You are getting excited.

Is this guy finally something better than what you are used to?

There is nothing wrong with getting excited about this guy, but you need to temper it.

Remembering everything you say in conversations to the smallest detail is normally a good sign.

Don’t get too caught up in what it signifies this early in your time with him.

Before you allow yourself to become overly excited over how he remembers everything, take note of whether he has the same approach with other people in his life.

If he remembers everything in conversations he has with his friends, family, work colleagues, and even people he sits next to on the bus, there is nothing special about his ability to remember everything you tell him in conversations.

With a guy like this, figuring out whether he truly likes you as a person isn’t solely determined by his ability to remember everything you say.

This is who he is.

He remembers the conversation he had with his mailman weeks ago.

The better approach to know whether this guy is truly liking you as a person is in how he uses the information he has learned from you.

Instead of merely bringing up some small detail about something you told him weeks ago, he applies it in his life.

For example, you talked to him about your love of a particular artist who isn’t well-known weeks ago.

This artist’s style of music is very different from the mainstream.

Fast forward a few weeks later, you happen to be at his place just hanging, working on school or work stuff.

The both of you are on a couch, on your iPads and he has earphones on.

Taking a quick moment, you turn to him.

Curious, you ask him what he is listening to.

He takes an earphone off and tells you he is listening to such and such artist.

Not just any mainstream artist.

The one you mentioned to him weeks ago and haven’t brought up since.

Now, this is totally different.

This wasn’t just him remembering a small detail about a conversation you both had weeks ago and bringing it up in a future conversation.

This is him actually taking what he heard and applying it to his own life.

You already know this artist’s music is not mainstream.

This artist isn’t someone this new guy would easily run into on some music app.

Here is this new guy in your life, listening to said artist after having listened to you talk about the artist weeks ago.

This is when a guy is truly showing you that he is trying to understand you as a person and get into your headspace.

Listening to this artist is a way for him to better understand you.

What is it about this artist’s style you like so much?

What definitively separates this artist from other more mainstream artists?

Instead of just asking you about it in some later conversation, he buys this artist’s album and starts listening to it.

When you are trying to figure out whether a guy is genuinely liking you as a person, focus more so on his actions than his words.

It’s easy to get caught up in how he remembers everything you say.

You aren’t used to this.

Guys you have dated in the past haven’t been this way.

Instead of getting too caught up in this, focus on what he actually does.

Is he applying or incorporating some of what he is learning about you into his own life?

This is how you know he is truly being genuine.

Merely remembering everything you say is a good start.

To be sure that he is looking at you as more than just someone to sleep with or kill time with, pay attention to whether he is applying or incorporating what he is learning about you into his own life in some capacity.

Words only go so far.

Taking real action goes much further.

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