Would You Move To Another Continent For Love?

Would You Move To Another Continent For Love?

Moving to another continent for love is something that has to be very carefully thought through.

Never make a decision this grave when you are wrapped up in your own emotions of love.

When you are filled with so much happiness, you aren’t thinking all that clearly.

Everything just seems perfect.

You don’t give the thought of moving to another continent too much weight knowing that you are going to be with the one you love.

Moving to another continent for love is a life changing decision.

What makes it worth it?

It surely isn’t about just the love you have for this person.

If you make this move while stuck in your love fugue, you could come to regret it.

You aren’t actually considering what a life in another continent would be like.

No, the trips you have made over to this continent to visit your lover isn’t all that relevant.

Of course those trips were amazing.

You got to see the best side of him.

He wanted to show you the best sites so that you have a great time.

He introduced you to his family.

At face value, they were welcoming and friendly, but in reality, you don’t really know them all that well.

The trips are all you have when it comes to gauging how they are as people. You don’t know what it would be like to have them around 24/7.

You have no idea what characters you are dealing with or what their true temperament is.

The continent itself seemed appealing when you visited but you don’t know what life truly would be like to live there.

It is fun to take in the beautiful sites and enjoy the ravishing countryside, but you don’t really know what the locals are like all year round.

Not to mention, the politics and way of life could be utterly different from what you were used to growing up on your own continent.

There is so much to consider when it comes to moving to another continent for love.

What about your own friends and family members?

Can you handle being away from them for very long stretches of time?

Have you actually been away from friends and family for any considerable length of time in the past?

If you have, how did that experience go?

Were you fine or were you constantly homesick?

It is convenient to tell each other that your love is enough, but when it comes to moving continents for love, love just isn’t enough.

So much else has to be taken into consideration.

You need to get out of your honeymoon period where love feels so potent and capable of conquering all, and get into a period of time where the dopamine in your brains have subdued.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in the brain that enhances pleasure.

It is especially evident when two people are in love.

Unfortunately, it can influence how both parties think.

You both need to come back down from the heights of euphoria.

This takes time.

During this time, you get to see how you both react to adversity, disagreements or arguments.

The last thing you want is to make a move to go to another continent for love, when you haven’t given each other a chance to see how you both respond to adversity in the relationship.

Your relationship needs to be tested.

Only then do you know just how strong it is.

Then, the practicality of living in another continent needs to be examined and thought through very judiciously.

It would even be better for you to go to the continent on more of an extended stay to get a really good idea of what life there would be like.

Moving to another continent sounds scary but thrilling when you are in love.

There is so much beneath the surface that needs to be worked through before being able to truly make a decision on whether it is something you should do.

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