Can Not Seeing Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Enough Make You Fall Out Of Love With Them?

Can Not Seeing Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Enough Make You Fall Out Of Love With Them?


This is especially true when the relationship is still fairly new.

Seeing your boyfriend or girlfriend often, especially in the early months or years of a relationship, helps in building a stronger foundation of trust and love between you.

It is easier to fall in love and stay in love with someone who you get to see often.

When they are in your physical presence, you find assurance in how they look at you.

You know they love you.

You find assurance in how they hold you.

You know you are protected and safe.

You find assurance in how they make love to you.

Making love creates a physical and intimate bond that you can’t experience in any other type of relationship in your life but in the one you share with your partner.

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That makes the both of you that much more special to each other and further fortifies your closeness.

There is so much good that comes with getting to see your boyfriend or girlfriend often.

It keeps you from creating stories in your mind that are sprouted out of uncertainty.

The uncertainty that makes you wonder about what they are doing, where they are or who they are with.

When your relationship is still young, the trust isn’t as fully set as a couple who have been together for decades.

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You easily allow fear and uncertainty to govern your thoughts.

Is your boyfriend or girlfriend thinking of you, wherever they are?

Are they missing you like you are missing them?

Are they being faithful?

You can’t help but think these thoughts when a relationship is still young no matter how much you try to avoid them.

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Once these seeds of fear and uncertainty are planted in your mind, you look at your partner differently when you do see them.

Even though they are finally here and you are happy, the doubts persist.

You sneak a look at their phone while they are in the bathroom to check for anything suspicious.

You smell their clothing when you are about to help them with laundry just to see if there is a foreign scent.

You watch them a little harder when out in public to see whether they are distracted by the opposite sex.

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You don’t want to do this, but it’s hard not to.

The absence created fear and uncertainty and now, you are playing it out like a puppet.

This is what love does.

It’s like a drug addiction.

You need a good dose of it on the regular to function.

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When the source of it is away from you, the withdrawal begins and it is filled with nightmare scenarios.

Fights and arguments are very possible when you are in doubt.

You criticize something about your partner that you normally wouldn’t, based on the negative scenarios you created in your head while they were away and your partner reacts.

They question why you don’t trust them.

All this does is exacerbate the situation and they start seeing you even less.

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In turn, you become more suspicious.

Soon, so much of what remains is angst and love is slipping further and further to the back of your psyche.

Yes, not seeing your boyfriend or girlfriend enough can make you fall out of love.

It is more so the stories that you create in your mind when your partner is away and the actions that follow which ultimately leads to a falling out of love.

When you find it hard to trust your partner, there isn’t a strong enough basis to allow love to set in and flourish.

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The crazy thing is, you could actually end up becoming what you fear your partner has become in their absence.

You easily slip into the tentacles of someone else who is showing you more attention and concern.

You find security in this new person.

You even go to them when you have doubts about your partner and take solace in their comforting words.

Next thing you know, that person becomes your comfort blanket and an emotional affair sets in.

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This is how the mind becomes your worst enemy when you aren’t seeing your boyfriend or girlfriend enough.

All your initial fears about your partner’s absence forces you to act in a way that ultimately leads you to becoming the villain of your own story.

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