Should I Date Him?

Should I Date Him?

If he is single and available, there is an opportunity to date him.

However, you should think about the prospect of dating him with some introspection.

You should avoid getting carried away with what you may feel about him on a surface level.

If you are wondering whether you should date this guy, you are most likely thinking long-term.

If this is the case, there are a number of things you should consider.

You should take some quality time to think about whether he would be the right kind of match for you.

Consider both of your temperaments.

Does he have a temperament that you feel will be accommodating to your own kind of temperament or are you polar opposites?

If you are polar opposites, do consider whether this is something that you would actually be able to handle.

Sometimes, people have the notion that they would be better off dating someone who has a totally different temperament than they do.

They start dating this person only to realize that the difference in their temperaments is causing a rift in how they deal with relationship issues.

If you are more of the quiet type and this guy is more of the loud and boisterous type, you need to consider whether he would be the best match for you.

Going for someone who is the polar opposite of you simply because you like the fact that they are different may seem exciting earlier on, but as the relationship wears on, it could lead to a lack of cohesion.

Nothing wrong with dating a guy who has a different personality to your own.

It is just that you should ensure that this isn’t the only reason why you want to date him and that there are indeed facets to your personalities that are similar.

If your main reason for wanting to date him is because he has the kind of personality that you aspire to be like, you may be putting yourself in a situation where you make yourself feel inferior to him as time goes on.

In fact, you may even feel like you can’t measure up to this guy as the relationship continues to progress. As a result, there may be a lopsidedness in your relationship in terms of who has control.

In essence, you may put him in the position of total control over the relationship.

This is never a good place to be in a relationship as he can easily take advantage of this situation and always try to have his way as a result.

There needs to be good balance of power between the both of you for a relationship to work.

If this is a guy that you are considering dating, you need to think about the balance of power that you will have with this guy.

Don’t get caught up in how good he makes you feel at the moment or how much you love the fact that he is so different from you in the ways that you like.

Instead, think about whether the both of you are truly equals and whether there is a mutual respect in how you go about interacting with each other and communicating.

If there is, and you are emotionally ready to take on a relationship, then you may be ready to start dating this guy.

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