She Ghosted Me But Still Likes My Pictures On Social Media?

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She Ghosted Me But Still Likes My Pictures On Social Media?

It may be because she feels less pressure now.

If she ghosted you but is still liking your pictures on social media, this may be how she wants her relationship with you to go.

More casual.

Less romantic pressure.

Perhaps she isn’t ready to date anyone at this time or just doesn’t like you in that way.

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She may have felt that you were beginning to like her romantically at a pace that she was uncomfortable with.

This may have made her feel a sense of pressure.

She may have become really worried that you would expect romance from her.

Hence, she ghosted you.

However, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want you to be a part of her day in some capacity.

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This may be why she is still liking your pictures on social media.

This may be the kind of relationship that works best for her.

She is able to like your pictures without you having some kind of romantic expectation of her.

Again, this may be the kind of relationship that she is content in having with you.

She may just not want the pressure of interacting with you on a romantic level.

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Even though she ghosted you and this feels harsh, she may not have really known how else to send the message that she is not looking to become romantically involved with you.

Lots of girls hate confrontation.

They will often find it very difficult to tell a guy that they don’t like him romantically and would much rather be their friend.

She simply may not have had the nerve to tell you this.

Thereby, ghosting you may have simply been the only option that she felt that she had.

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It is important that you don’t take the fact that she is liking your pictures on social media as a sign that she likes you or that she has changed her mind about you.

If she ghosted you once, it was for a reason.

She has already had an opportunity to take her relationship with you to a romantic level and she chose not to do so.

Again, the fact that she is liking your pictures may simply be an indication that this is where she would like to keep her relationship with you.

She may be hoping that you understand this and treat her in the same way.

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Another reason why she ghosted you but still likes your pictures on social media could also be because she has made a habit out of liking pictures on social media.

There are some girls who just love liking pictures on social media.

It can often be what they do to kill time when they are bored at work, school or at home.

They just browse through different social media accounts and like pictures.

Hence, she may actually not be able to help herself but like your pictures.

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Indeed, she probably liked a number of pictures that she discovered on other social media accounts at around the same time that she was liking your pictures.

It is just habit and something that helps her get through her day.

The fact that she ghosted you may not even be really registering to her.

She just loves liking pictures on social media and as long as she has access to yours, she may just keep on liking your pictures regardless.

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