If A Guy That You Are Seeing Keeps Apologizing For No Reason?

If A Guy That You Are Seeing Keeps Apologizing For No Reason?

He may be getting to a point where he is really liking you and even seeing a future with you.

Being that the both of you have been seeing each other for a decent amount of time now, he may have reached the point where he can see you as someone that he would want to be in a long-term serious relationship with.

As a result, you may have noticed that he keeps apologizing for no reason to you because he may be worried about jeopardizing his relationship with you.

In the beginning, as the both of you got to know each other, there were no real stakes.

He most likely found you attractive and wanted to see where things would lead in your interaction.

However, now that the both of you have been seeing each other for a decent amount of time, he may now know what he wants out of all of this.

He may know that he wants to keep you around.

He has gotten to know you a lot better in this time frame and may feel that he does have a strong romantic connection with you.

As a result, he has gone from not having any real emotional stakes to actually having them.

In other words, he knows that he now has something that he values and would be unhappy about losing.

Oftentimes, when you notice that a guy that you are seeing keeps apologizing for no reason, he may be showing that he is now emotionally invested in the relationship and he doesn’t want to mess it up.

Hence, he keeps apologizing whenever he feels that he may have done or said something that would turn you off.

He just doesn’t want to take the risk of losing you over something like that.

Hence, he will be very careful in what he says and does.

He may not be entirely certain about how you feel about him emotionally.

He may not know whether you are feeling the same way about him.

Thereby, to play it safe, he keeps apologizing for no particular reason so that you never get the feeling that he doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

A guy that you are seeing may keep apologizing for no reason because he isn’t used to being in this position when it comes to dating a girl.

In other words, he may be used to girls showing interest in him initially but then the interest fizzles out over a short period of time.

He may have become accustomed to this.

Hence, he just isn’t used to seeing a girl this far in.

He is used to messing up in some way with a girl and thereby turning her off.

She consequently lets him go.

Being that you are still around, he may simply not know how to act to keep things going.

Hence, his only avenue is to apologize for no particular reason.

He is hoping that by doing this, he can somehow offset any missteps he may take in the present or in the near future.

In essence, he hopes to soften you up before those missteps happen so that you don’t leave him like the other girls have done in the past.

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