I Am In Love With A Girl Who Has A Boyfriend?

I Am In Love With A Girl Who Has A Boyfriend?

If this girl has a boyfriend, she is already taken.

Regardless of how you feel about her or how in love you are with her, it doesn’t change the fact that she has a boyfriend.

This means that she is not emotionally available to you.

Even if you know this girl and the both of you tend to get along really well, you shouldn’t take that as a sign that she likes you.

You may even convince yourself that she likes you because she may complain about her boyfriend to you from time to time or often.

She may even insult him.

You hear all of this coming from her and start making yourself believe that she must not be happy with her boyfriend.

The more she talks badly about her boyfriend to you, the more you feel like you have a chance with her.

After all, she is confiding in you with all this information about her boyfriend and she appears to be unhappy in her relationship with him.

You should make sure that you don’t allow yourself to start believing that you have a chance with this girl simply because she complains to you about her boyfriend.

Oftentimes, girls will vent to a friend about their partner.

They will often do this with their other girl friends.

However, if they have some guy friends that they are comfortable with, they will also vent to them about their boyfriends.

This doesn’t mean that she likes the guy friend.

She is merely doing what she would have done with a girl friend of hers.


That is all that it is.

More than likely, she is in love with her boyfriend and has no intention of truly leaving him.

You should try to understand this.

If you have found yourself in a situation where this girl that you are in love with constantly complains to you about her boyfriend, she may be simply using you to vent and nothing more.

In a different scenario, this girl that you are in love with may often send you signs that make you believe that she is romantically interested in you.

Perhaps you have noticed that she gives you compliments or she tends to stare at you sometimes.

You should not misread these as signs of romantic interest.

She may give compliments to a lot of people, including other guys.

Hence, it may really not be a big deal to her when she compliments a guy.

When you have had those moments where she stares at you, she may have been doing so simply because she was lost in thought or daydreaming about someone else, possibly her boyfriend.

She may stare in this way to whoever is within her vicinity, whether it be a guy or girl, whenever she gets into this state of mind.

Hence, these are signs that are not definitively indicating that she is romantically interested in you as an individual.

You shouldn’t just use these supposed signals as a sign of romantic interest.

Some people who are already in relationships can totally give out these kind of vibes but have no romantic interest in the person, being that they are already emotionally attached to their actual romantic partner.

It is best to stop making yourself believe that this girl could love you.

The sooner you do this, the sooner you will be able to let her go.


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