How Long Would You Give Your Partner Space After Their Parent Dies?

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How Long Would You Give Your Partner Space After Their Parent Dies?

How long you should give your partner space after their parent dies really depends on how they deal with tragedy.

For some partners, they would much rather have their mate be with them every step of the way.

In other words, they may not even want that partner to give them space.

They may want that partner to stay closer than ever, now that they have lost a parent that they cared about.

For others, they may want some space so that they can grieve and reflect. They may want to spend some more time with family members, now that their parent is dead.

They may want to reconnect with family members that they had lost touch with over the years as they all grieve due to this loss.

Again, how long you should give your partner space after their parent dies really depends on your partner and how they handle grief.

If you are unsure of how long you should give your partner space, talk to them about it.

Don’t be afraid to actually talk to them about this.

Ask them about what they would like for you to do.

Be respectful and let your partner know that you understand that this is a difficult time for them.

Then proceed to ask them whether they would like for you to leave them be for a while as they deal with this grief or whether they would like for you to stick around.

Give them the choice.

Simply having this conversation with your partner can give you a lot of clarity in terms of whether your partner actually wants space or not.

If they tell you that they want space at this difficult time, be respectful of that and accept it.

It is best to set your mind to giving your partner space for at least a week.

During that week, you can still send brief messages of support from time to time but don’t expect them to respond back right away, if at all.

You should be okay with this.

You should not be trying to start a conversation with these messages.

Those brief messages are simply to send support and nothing more.

Also understand that your partner may also have to become involved with funeral preparations or may have to suddenly become responsible for certain family affairs that their parent left behind.

Hence, even after the first week of intense grieving, they may still be relatively unavailable.

Depending on how close your partner was to their parent, once that first week of intense grieving passes, they may become mired in family responsibilities.

You should try your best to be as understanding as you can at this time.

Hence, be prepared to give your partner about a month of time before they start being more available to you.

Again, all of this is predicated on how your partner deals with grief.

If they tell you that they would much rather have you around as much as possible during this difficult time, then be there for them.

However, be sensitive to their situation.

If they are unwilling to talk about how they are feeling, don’t force the issue.

Oftentimes, in a scenario where your partner tells you that they want you to stick by them and not give them space, they just want your physical presence there.

They just want to be able to cry on your shoulder.

You don’t have to say much.

Just be there for them.

When they are ready to open up and talk to you about what they are going through, they will.

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