When Your Boyfriend Is Best Friends With His Ex And You Keep Worrying About It

A boyfriend who is best friends with an ex, is a boyfriend that continues to love his ex.

When Your Boyfriend Is Best Friends With His Ex And You Keep Worrying About ItThis is love that has a mercurial nature to it.

There are extended periods of time where they are platonic with each other, but that could change on a dime.

All it would take for this love for his ex to change, is for him to have an argument with you, or a moment of doubt that leads to reflection.

If there is an argument without resolution, your boyfriend is going to be tempted to turn to his ex for someone to confide in.

He tells her about the issue at hand and takes comfort from her words of advice and encouragement.

This alone makes your boyfriend think that if he were to date his ex again, he would avoid these arguments.

He is keenly aware that he never had arguments like this with his ex.

The longer that an argument remains unresolved between you, the higher the odds he turns to his ex for words of comfort, or to have someone who listens to him.

This period is volatile.

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It tempts him to cheat on you with this ex, being that she has been there for him, and seems to understand him so much better than you do.

This is how your boyfriend and his ex, who so happens to be his best friend, experience the mercurial nature of their complicated friendship.

A complicated friendship like this, can flip from platonic to romantic with ease, depending on the right circumstances.

All it takes is a moment.

A moment where a good memory of his ex suddenly enters his consciousness as he is going about his day.

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Your boyfriend gets wrapped up in these thoughts.

He is so attached to those images in his mind.

He remembers how good it felt to be around his ex during that moment, and how in love they were with each other.

Without any premeditation, he reaches out to his ex and isn’t being platonic in his approach.

He reminds her about that memory, what they were doing, and how amazing it was.

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His ex falls into the same trance.

She is recalling that day, and the activity, lost in how good she felt.

As a consequence, conversation segues into the prospect of rekindling their romance, and abandoning their status as best friends.

Although all of this sounds scary, you shouldn’t attempt to get your boyfriend to stop being best friends with his ex.

Doing this would only make your boyfriend detest you, leading him back into the arms of his ex.

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Instead, focus on building a profoundly strong relationship with your boyfriend.

Do not let an argument go unresolved for any length of time.

Always communicate and talk things out.

Be your boyfriend’s best friend.

His ex doesn’t have to keep that mantle.

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Get him to trust you with anything, regardless of how bad he thinks whatever it is would make him look.

This requires that you are never judgmental of him whenever he reveals a vulnerability to you.

As you do this over time, he gets increasingly comfortable with sharing further secrets about himself to you.

This creates an armor of trust that strengthens a relationship.

Additionally, keep creating fantastic new memories with your boyfriend by constantly engaging in new activities together, which keeps your relationship with him fresh.

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When you build a stalwart relationship like this, your boyfriend won’t ever require his ex for comfort or reflection.

A boyfriend that looks to you as a source of comfort, love, acceptance, and excitement, only has eyes for you.

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