Is It Harder To Get Over A Crush If There Wasn’t Ever Any Closure?

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Is It Harder To Get Over A Crush If There Wasn't Ever Any Closure?

It can be harder.

If you haven’t had closure, it may be because you were expecting some kind of closure.

However, do understand that not all interactions are going to have proper closure.

Even if this is what you have been used to experiencing with former crushes, this won’t always be the case.

It is harder to get over a crush when you had a lot of built up expectations about how this crush would interact with you and how everything would end up.

Being that you built these expectations up for quite some time, it is much harder to accept the reality that the interaction failed.

However, in order to get over a crush, you do have to accept the reality of your situation.

The kind of closure that you are seeking may not be what your crush is willing to give you because they may have never truly been as emotionally invested in the interaction as you were.

It can be very easy to become overly invested in someone because you like them so much and you have built up a lot of expectations of them.

This could lead you to become incredibly focused on the crush to the point where it can become very unhealthy.

Perhaps you may have even stopped performing some of your favorite hobbies because you were so focused on interacting with this crush.

Perhaps you even ignored your relationships with some friends and family because you wanted to spend more time thinking about this crush and whether they liked you.

Again, when you become so hooked on a crush, it can become overbearing.

It could take over your life to an extent.

You should never allow yourself to get so unhealthily stuck on any one person.

Doing this simply leaves you open to a lot of vulnerability when it comes to your emotions.

You would be giving that crush way too much power over your emotions and this is never a good place to be.

Your crush may have never had any of these feelings for you.

They most likely never felt the kind of emotional investment in you that you felt for them.

They may have enjoyed their interactions with you, but they may not have thought about you all that much after those interactions were over.

Hence, for your crush, there would be no need for closure because they were never all that into you in the first place.

It can be easy to make yourself believe that your crush liked you more than they really did.

Being that you like them so much, you will be more susceptible to making yourself believe that something that they said to you on a particular day must mean that they like you.

Perhaps they gave you a compliment.

As a result, you instantly make yourself believe that this compliment must mean that your crush really likes you.

However, it may have had nothing to do with that.

Your crush may have given several other people the exact same compliment in the last week.

In essence, the compliment may have meant nothing to them.

It is best not to expect closure with every crush that you have.

It is better to understand that your feelings may have been much deeper than theirs.

This will often allow you to let them go and move on.

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