Do I Take It Slow Or Should I Let Her Know?

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Do I Take It Slow Or Should I Let Her Know?

It’s best to let her know than to keep taking it slow.

If you like her, you are better off letting her know now than holding back.

So many guys hold back out of fear.

They avoid letting a girl know that they like her because they are just worried about how she will react and what effect this revelation could have on their relationship.

Unfortunately, by so doing, the girl gets to the point where she believes that all the guy wants is friendship and that is how she will start looking at the guy.

By the time the guy gathers up the courage to tell the girl how he feels about her, it is too late.

She just sees the guy as a friend and it is that much harder for her to start seeing him as anything other than that.

This didn’t need to happen.

In fact, the girl may have actually been romantically interested in the guy in the beginning.

However, he never made a romantic move on her.

He never showed her that he was romantically interested in her.

He just kept his relationship with her strictly platonic and played the friend role.

As time goes on, the girl becomes weary and hopeless.

She realizes that it is best to avoid getting herself emotionally attached to the guy so as not to end up getting hurt if she were to find out that the guy doesn’t feel the same way about her.

She decides to only start looking at the guy as a friend from then on out.

She has now closed off the emotional side of her and is now just looking at the guy on a platonic level.

At this point, she may even start moving on emotionally and looking to other guys who she may be attracted to.

If the guy were to finally let her know how he feels about her after she has come to this point, it may be too late.

This is why you should act now and let her know how you feel about her.

Regardless of how worried you may be that she wouldn’t like you back, you would still get the information you need in order to put this behind you and move forward.

If she likes you back, you can move things forward from there and go out.

If she doesn’t like you romantically, you would know and can then move on with your life.

Another reason why you should let her know is because if you were to take it slow, you may not end up where you are hoping to.

There may come a point where your interaction with her takes a turn.

You may start seeing her a lot less because of circumstances beyond your control.

She may start working on a project that is taking up a lot of her time.

You don’t know what the future holds. Hence, your time with her may not always be as opportunistic and available as it is now.

Thereby, you should operate on the now because you don’t know what comes with the future.

Again, letting her know allows you to move forward with your life irrespective of how she feels about you.

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