I’m Confused. Do I Like Him Or Not?

I'm Confused. Do I Like Him Or Not?You like him when you know that you want to spend the majority of your free time with him and you think about him often during the day.

When you also care about what he wants out of life and truly feel like you are invested in him achieving his goals, you like him.

You like him when you really care about the fact that he could find someone else and that scares you.

You worry about what it would be like to no longer have him in your life.

You even feel a strong sense of sadness when you think about the possibility of losing him to someone else or not having him in your life.

When you have these emotions, your mind is trying to tell you that you place a lot of value on your relationship with this guy.

It should be really clear to you at this point that you like this guy.

If you are confused right now, it may be because you aren’t entirely emotionally available to this guy.

In other words, there may be something else going on in your life that either takes precedence over him or is causing you to use a good amount of your emotional energy on.

It’s important to take this into account.

It could be a previous relationship that you have never completely let go of.

It could be that this relationship didn’t end in a way that gave you closure.

You may have gotten into the current relationship that you have with this guy as a result of feeling true emotional pain from your previous relationships.

You may have never dealt with these emotions.

You may have never really allowed yourself to heal from it.

By getting right into another relationship, you never allowed your emotions to come to a place of acceptance that the relationship had truly ended.

In some ways, you may have gotten into this new relationship in order to kill time in the hopes that your old partner would eventually come back.

Another reason why you may be confused on whether you like him or not could be because to some extent you have always had reservations about him.

Perhaps there were a few personality traits that you noticed earlier on that you didn’t really like but you ignored them because you wanted to focus on what you did like about him.

As time went on, you kept noticing more and more traits or even facts about his history that you didn’t really like but you just kept holding on to what you did like about him.

So, you just kept telling yourself that there is more of a connection here than there really is.

Perhaps you do this because you just want so desperately to connect with someone.

It may have been a while since you have dated and you just wanted things to work out so badly with this person.

So, you ignored big warning signs in the desperate hope that the good elements will outweigh the bad or what you find to be major differences between the both of you.

Now you have allowed this to go on until you have reached the point where you are confused.

This is when you should honestly ask yourself, given all the warning signs that you have seen so far whether this is someone that would truly be a good choice for your future.

This is where you give yourself the best shot at finding the right relationship for you and it may not necessarily be with this person.

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