Different Sense Of Humor Can Be A Trigger Of Separation?

Different Sense Of Humor Can Be A Trigger Of Separation?

It can.

There are some people who can’t handle another person’s sense of humor when it is very different from their own.

This is why it is important to understand that your sense of humor isn’t always going to be what could help get you want you want in terms of getting into a relationship with this person.

Hence, it is typically a good idea to hold off on showing all of your sense of humor so soon, especially if you have a really extreme or quirky sense of humor.

Some people think that they have to put all of their cards on the table when they just meet someone.

They may feel an instant sense of connection with that person and as a result they proceed to spill everything.

It is so important that you don’t get carried away when you first meet someone because you are feeling such a strong connection with them so soon.

It’s unfair to your date to unload so much of your personality on them all at once.

This goes for your sense of humor as well.

This is really crucial.

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If you are able to avoid unloading so much of your personality on your date so soon, you will be able to break your date in slowly to your different sense of humor.

This is where you get the best shot at getting away with having a different sense of humor but not triggering a separation as a result.

In other words, with each meeting with your date, you steadily reveal more and more of your personality.

These are light doses of your personality and humor that you are exposing your date to.

Your date can then begin to get a good sense of how you think and behave.

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They are digesting more about you but doing so in a much better way than if you had dumped all of your humor and personality on them right from the first meeting.

So, the key here is to be patient.

As time goes on, your date will get more used to your sense of humor because you have been giving it to them in gentle doses during your meetings.

This is where you will have the best chance at not triggering a separation when they come to realize that you have a different sense of humor.

They may even come to appreciate it.

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Again, a big reason for this is because you have been gradually giving them small doses of your humor with each meeting and you have also been showing them more and more of your personality.

Hence, even though your different sense of humor may not be what your date typically likes, they may find themselves finding it to be okay due to the fact they have gotten to know more of your personality during this time.

Hence, the more willing that you are to take your time with getting your date to see what you are all about as a personality, including your humor, the more likely that you will not cause separation once they notice that you have a different sense of humor.

Again, if you were to dump your different sense of humor on your date right at the very beginning, it may be too much for them and this may cause them to abandon you.

Hence, it’s important that you don’t get carried away with your date.

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Some guys get carried away with humor because they are desperately hoping to deliver a good first impression or entertain their date.

However, you should always be careful about deluging your date with a brand of humor that you aren’t sure would be entertained by your date.

Thereby, it’s best to use small doses of humor initially and if your date responds to it in a positive way, you can increase the amount of humor as the date continues.

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