When Should You Delete Your Tinder Profile?

When Should You Delete Your Tinder Profile?

You should delete your Tinder profile when you have met someone that you feel that you want to be with exclusively and the other person feels the same way.

If this is a person that you met on Tinder and you have both decided that you want to see each other exclusively, this is the time that you delete your Tinder profile.

Sometimes people get so attached to Tinder that they choose to keep their profile even when they have met someone that they have chosen to get into an exclusive relationship with.

The problem with this is that it allows the person to believe that they still have another option just in case the relationship doesn’t work out.

This means that they enter their relationship with this person already believing that it may not work out.

Hence, they have a back up option by holding on to their Tinder account.

This means that they may not invest in the new relationship as much as they should.

As long as they know, in the back of their mind, that they can easily go back to their Tinder profile if things don’t work out, they may be unwilling to work through issues in the relationship or really invest in it emotionally.

This is why it is crucial that you both delete your Tinder profiles when you decide to enter an exclusive relationship with each other.

It allows the both of you to focus on the new relationship one hundred percent.

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You don’t get into the relationship believing that there is an out or there is another option.

By deleting your Tinder profile, you are able to fully focus on the relationship and give it everything that you have.

It also allows the both of you not to become paranoid with each other.

What often happens when neither one of you deletes your Tinder profile is that one of you may become curious as to what the other is doing.

In essence, you may get to the point where you are wondering whether your new partner has visited their Tinder profile recently.

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Out of curiosity, you go about logging into your Tinder profile in order to find out whether your new partner has used the online service recently or when last they logged in.

You may notice that they have or you may notice that they haven’t. However, this is besides the point.

The point is that you logged back in to check on your partner.

This means that there is already an element of distrust in your relationship.

This means that you will always interact with your partner with a sense of anxiety.

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This means that you may even try your best to avoid allowing yourself to fully invest in your partner emotionally because you are worried that they may start using their Tinder profile at any time and thereby leave you and hurt your feelings.

In order to avoid all of this unnecessary complication, it is best that the both of you delete your Tinder profiles when you decide to get into an exclusive relationship.

This way, you both save yourselves a lot of unnecessary grief and you can both fully focus on the relationship.

It also establishes an initial level of trust between the both of you which is a great way to build an honest and robust relationship.

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