I Had A Date With An Engaged Guy. He Wanted To See Me Again But Now He Is Acting Weird. What Should I Do?

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I Had A Date With An Engaged Guy. He Wanted To See Me Again But Now He Is Acting Weird. What Should I Do?

It’s best to avoid dating this engaged guy any further.

He may be acting weird now because he feels guilty about the date.

This does happen.

An engaged guy may choose to date another woman because he becomes fearful about whether he has made the right choice in getting engaged and in the woman that he got engaged with.

This fear leads him to you.

The both of you go on a date.

The engaged guy has gotten to this stage out of pure fear and emotion.

He doesn’t quite know whether he has done the right thing by getting engaged.

He is doubtful that things will work out.

He may even feel trapped.

His date with you is validation to him that he isn’t trapped in his engagement.

He uses his date with you as a way by which he can feel a lot less stress and fear about having gotten engaged.

In other words, you give him a temporary sense of escape.

While he is on that date with you, he feels good.

For the first time since he got engaged, he is feeling better about himself and also feeling a sense of ease.

There is a feeling that his life may not be so trapped after all.

He may even begin to tell himself during the date that you are the one he should be with.

After all, the both of you have hit it up so well during this date.

You have both had such amazing chemistry together.

He is smiling and having a great time.

He seems to be appealing to you as well.

You seem to be having such a good time.

You seem to be really enjoying his company and that makes him feel even better.

He just feels so good during that date.

Again, he may even be allowing himself to believe that he should end this engagement and just be with you instead.

However, this feeling was only temporary and restricted to the date itself.

Once that date was over and he went back to his life, he realized that the way he felt when he was on the date with you was only temporary.

He realizes that he did get caught up in the moment.

He is no longer feeling as good as he did when he was on that date.

The reality of his engagement has now come fully back into the forefront of his mind.

He talks to the woman that he is engaged to.

He realizes just how much he loves her and at that moment he decides that it is best that he lets you go.

All of a sudden, he begins to act weird towards you and you are finding it very difficult to get another date with him or even talk to him.

This is what often happens when you go out on a date with an engaged guy and he seemingly wants to see you again but then he starts acting weird.

At the time, he may have truly wanted to see you again, but since the date, the reality of his life returned to the forefront of his mind.

He realizes that he would stand to lose too much by pursuing anything with you and decides to avoid trying to go out on another date with you or get closer to you.

If you were to wait on him, you will become more emotionally invested in him.

This would only lead to hurt because he wouldn’t be emotionally available to you.

Hence, it is best to avoid this guy.

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