When It Comes To Dating, Do You Make It Official Or Do You Assume You Are In A Relationship?

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When It Comes To Dating, Do You Make It Official Or Do You Assume You Are In A Relationship?

It’s always good to be sure about whether you are in an official relationship or not.

Sometimes, a person thinks a relationship is official only to find out later on, after so many emotions have been built, that the other person isn’t truly official with them.

The point here is that, even though it may feel like you are official with someone because you have been dating for a while or have so much amazing chemistry, it is still important to make sure that you are both on the same page.

The last thing you want is to assume that someone is your girlfriend or boyfriend only to have them tell you months later that they never saw you as their official partner.

Also, being able to talk about the kind of relationship you have with each other enables the both of you to set your expectations.

This is why it is important to talk about what kind of relationship you both have without simply assuming that it is official.

When the both of you agree on the type of relationship you have, it will be easier for the both of you to start fulfilling those roles because your relationship would be defined.

When you have never actually talked about the kind of relationship you have and you are merely assuming that you are both in an official relationship, it doesn’t allow the both of you to have focus.

There may not be any real direction to the relationship.

It may feel as though the both of you are just going through the motions.

It’s different when the both of you have officially defined your relationship because at that point, you would both be clear about what roles you are both playing and what direction you want the relationship to go.

The more clear you both are, the easier it will be to set the expectations for your relationship and move in that direction.

Hence, it is better to make it official.

Merely assuming that you are both in a relationship can truly be dangerous.

You may assume something that really isn’t there even though everything seemed to be pointing in that direction.

You may even begin to make future plans for the both of you simply assuming that you are both in an official relationship.

In this sense, you could really get caught up in believing that you truly are in an official relationship.

However, those future plans may never come to fruition because the person that you assumed that you were in an official relationship with just told you that they have other plans.

Also, when you just assume that you are in a relationship, you are setting expectations and parameters in your mind that your partner may have absolutely no awareness of.

You would then be putting quite a bit of pressure on your partner to behave a certain way simply because you have assumed that you are both in an official relationship.

Your partner may be very unhappy about this because you never actually talked to them about it.

You merely made an assumption and you are now expecting them to behave in a particular manner.

This could put a strain on your relationship with this person and even cause it to end.

Keep it simple and avoid the drama.

Talk to each other about the status of your relationship.

The more open you are about the status of the relationship, the sooner you will both know.

This is how you avoid setting unrealistic expectations of the relationship earlier on based on a false belief.

Believing that you are both at the same place as far as what you want out of the relationship without substantive proof or discussion can be very misleading.

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