Should I Continue Dating Him Or Be Distant?

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Should I Continue Dating Him Or Be Distant?

You should assess how your relationship with him has been so far.

If you have not been happy about something in particular but you have never told him about it, it would be best to talk about it first before anything else.

Becoming distant in order to show that you are unhappy about something is actually not going to help your situation.

You may think that it will because it will get his attention, but it will only create more confusion.

You don’t want there to be confusion.

If there is something going on in your relationship that doesn’t agree with you or there is something that you are unhappy about, verbally communicating your grievances to your partner is your best option.

A big mistake that so many people make in relationships is when they choose to become distant.

They do so out of anger or a sense of unhappiness.

They want their partner to feel what they are feeling or at least to begin to miss them.

They hope that by becoming distant they can get their partner to change their ways.

The problem with this method is that your partner will only get confused.

At some point after, they may even become resentful. They may not know exactly what it is that is making you distant.

You may believe that your partner should know why you are upset.

Perhaps you have given your partner vague hints in the past as to what is bothering you.

Notwithstanding, your partner is still not entirely sure about what this is all about.

They could easily go to a multitude of reasons as to why you have become distant.

They may think that it is about the brief argument you both had over some other incident not too long ago.

They may think that it is because you have been getting stressed at work.

They may think that it is because you mentioned that one time that you were getting tired of having to always walk the dog.

Their minds could go to so many different possibilities as to why you are being distant and still end up on the wrong reason.

This is why you shouldn’t expect your partner to figure this out.

You need to tell your partner exactly what the problem is.

This is how you work through problems in a relationship.

You communicate clearly.

Becoming distant is only going to cause more confusion.

You may actually exacerbate the problem.

If you were to simply let your partner know what the issue is, they may be willing to work at it or fix it relatively quickly.

However, by being distant, you are delaying any chance of there being a quick resolution to all of this.

I know that you are not happy about this.

However, if you want this relationship to be healthy, you will need to communicate and let your partner know what is bothering you.

This may remedy your problem quickly without having to drag things out by being distant.

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